Reunion Remembrance by Linda Williams Warne

  Dear Classmates,

Time has passed, but what a joy to renew friendships and make new ones at our reunion. There are so many things to think about since our gathering, just remembering all of you and how glorious it was. Kudos to Gerald, Kinsey, all of the committee, and others who helped to pull it together. Remembering the remarks of our Class President, Henry Lee, brings new meaning to what makes our country great.

Henry spoke of his nationality and how his parents came here and settled in Zanesville. The difficulties they faced can only be imagined. But on a positive note, he mentioned how they were accepted here and how much that meant to his family. The inclusion and diversity of those who came as immigrants to this country is exactly that which has made her great.

I had a cataract removed after our reunion, and have since experienced vision problems causing me to see dimly. Perhaps there are times when we see dimly, but we don't have to see to believe. Truly, we can believe in the inscription on our Lady who stands in New York harbor that reads, "Bring me you tired, your hungry, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."

A very warm and heartfelt "thank you" to Henry and Lucy Lee for being part of our lives. Our condolences to them now as they experience the loss of their daughter.

Classmate, Linda Williams Warne