Thoughts on Mini Reunion


Seated beside our lovely Cornelia, I saw the faces, those faces of classmates and spouses of our beloved Class of '55'.  There were a few more lines on those faces but none the less, a joy to behold.  Indeed, three quarters of a century is evident there.  Some of us have walked through the fire to get here and others have advanced through the years with exceptionally good health.  Kudos to us all!


It was pleasant to hear more of how we are spending our 'golden years'and less of our health issues or surgeries in our conversations.  We felt a camaraderie knowing we are here and very much alive and well enough to enjoy the individuality each of us brings.


The Fifties, "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times", but for us it was 'our time' and we would not change it.  ZHS began for us at Lash High and took us to the 'old' but 'new' ZHS on the hillside on Blue Avenue.  The bricks and mortar of those beloved buildings are long disposed of but the indelible pictures remain of our times together spent and have subsequently become tender precious memories.


The senarios printed in our Reunion Booklet remind us of how it was in those days and how it is today.  When did the black and white of our world become so many shades of gray?  Perhaps we have no answers but like the words of a country song go, "If you don't stand up for something, you'll fall for anything"


We try our best, and some succeed, to stay current with the trends although it is becoming more difficult.  Maybe we can text, tweet, and face book, but with the changes that take place every day, my question is, "What is a hash tag anyway?"


Perhaps its time to curl up in a favorite chair with a real paperbound book and read from its pages and feel the surge in hands and body as you get to the 'good part' and when you finish, place that real book on your library shelf to be picked up and reread another day.  Or write a letter to a friend you haven't heard from in years in cursive, an art form soon to be lost to this generation.  How beautiful is the handwriting of a well written letter?  Perhaps you agree, "it was the best of times"


Love to all,

Linda Williams Warne


PS  As Henry, Kinsey, and others said, "Thanks to all who made it an enjoyable evening!"