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ZHS Class of 1955

Memories Page


Zanesville Y Bridge Cartoon

Sad but True - From Gwen Moore Curry

Mini Reunion Thoughts - by Linda Williams Warne

Zanesville in Doonesbury Comic Strip

Cost of College in 1955 - from Gloria Warner Poynter

Zanesville City Schools 2012 Hall of Fame Inductees

Roosevelt Jr. High Recorder, May 1952 Issue

Ward's 1934 Order Book - from Fritzie

Most of Fritzie's Childhood

Henry Lee's Story

My Big Move to Zanesville by Carolyn Bjornson Steirer

Reunion Remembrance by Linda Williams Warne

Thoughts on the Razing of ZHS

Our School Is Gone

Zanesville High School History

Class History by Shirley Holdren Smith

Buckeye Lake Memories

More Memories of Myrna by Linda Williams Warne

Grover Cleveland Jr. High Memories by Myrna Wagner Ketcham

Grover Cleveland Jr. High Memories by Sandra Geyer Miller

Grover Cleveland Jr. High Memories by Donna Frame Swope

Commentary on Zanesville