LUNCH BUNCH September 10, 2013


There were 19 present at lunch on this hot sunny day.  I was unable to be present, but got notes from Cornelia.  Thank you, Cornelia.


I am looking forward to seeing all of you at our mini-reunion, which will take place on Saturday evening at 6 PM on 10/12/2013 at the VFW for $25 per person.  The VFW is located at 1518 Putnam Ave.


As always, we will have a Friday night social at 6:30 PM, which is free of charge with snack and deli foods available.  There will be a cash bar both nights.


The last tree plantings are taking place this fall at Zanesville High School.  Most other classes who donate to the school and community, have already bought a tree.  This was brought to John Power's attention.  He bought the last tree being planted in honor of our class for $400 (the best class ever in John's words).


Our lunch bunch had questions regarding the tree, and I E-mailed John.  His speedy reply is below.


"All proceeds, less cost of tree and plaque, go to scholarships for ZHS students.  Yes, a plaque is part of the planting designating our class.  I AM NOT ASKING FOR REIMBURSEMENT."


I know I want to be part of this living remembrance and and will be sending John my donation.  It was brought up that donations may be made at the reunion.


John also said they had a trip planned on the dates of the reunion and is sorry they will be unable to be there.


Cornelia and Bill have returned from their vacation in Chautauqua, NY and they brought pumpkin cookies with orange icing to the lunch. Yum!  Thank you!


I will see you at the reunion, and at the November 12 lunch at the VFW.


And this one is for me - "Lord, keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth!"


Martha K. Cannon