We had a beautiful sunny day for twenty of our classmates to come out for lunch.  There was excitement in the air as we get closer to our 55th class reunion. 


We were happy to see Mary Reid Bohn today.  It has been at least two years since she has attended.  Mary has been seeing to the care of her mother, and she passed away at 90 years of age in May.  We gave our sympathy to Mary regarding her loss.  Mary said she is going to try and attend more often.  Welcome back Mary!


We voted Martha Elliott Pettry as the most fashionable woman present with the best color coordinated clothing!  Her purse matched her outfit.  It was pink and white stripes on one side of the purse with plain lime green on the other.  Her Capri slacks were pink and white stripes with a lime green tee with pink flowers across the top.  Earrings of course were flowers that matched her color scheme, and sandals finished off her outfit.  Way to go Martha!


Tom and Mary Ellen Hale are at their nephews wedding in Colorado, so the notes will be a little late this month on the WEB site.  We hope they have a great time at the wedding.


Barbara Williamson is having cataracts removed from both eyes this month.  Jean Ross is having her first cataract removed on October 7.  We are wishing them both a speedy recovery.


Jerry Richardson was kind enough to give the blessing. 


We then had a delicious meal.


After our meal, Gerald Roberts called a brief meeting for the class reunion discussion.  It was announced that so far we have 63 people for the Friday evening get together at the Eagles Club, 116 for Saturday's dinner, 51 for the Sunday brunch, 70 for the tour of the new ZHS school, Gwen's table has 9 people, 7 for golf, class books 28, and photo book 23.  Since there is not enough to play golf at the special rate, the committee is trying to get a lower rate for those wanting to play on Saturday morning.


We voted to cancel the lunch bunch meeting on October 12 since the reunion is starting on Friday the 15th.  There were 18 who voted not to have it, and 2 who voted to have it.  Gerald will put it in the newspaper, and we have asked Tom Hale, our WEB MASTER to put it on our WEB site as cancelled.


We voted to have a casual get together of our class in three years for a picnic at Armco Park, or the new Veterans Building at the Fairgrounds, or another park that would have shelters to accommodate us in case of rain.  This will be brought up at the Saturday evening reunion for your input.  We will still have the regular 60th reunion.


ZHS Tee shirts will be on sale at the reunion for $8.00.


Mike Ward will provide the music and will play our good oldies from the fifties.


The Holiday Inn Express's cut off date is October 1 for the reduced rate of $89.00.  After that their rooms are open season.  So if you want the reduced rate, give them a call before October 1.


We have two classmates that the committee cannot find.  Shirley McElroy, and Ted (Theodore) Clark, Jr.  If anyone has any information on either of these classmates, please let Gerald Roberts, Jean Ross or Gwen Curry know.


If you want the ZHS Final Farewell DVD (set of two DVDs at total of $25.00) or the Demolition DVD (1) at $15 or both for $35.00 (with $5.00 added if you want them mailed to you), these will be made available at the reunion.  If paying by check, please make check payable to Pauline Johnson.  If you have any questions, please call Pauline and David Johnson (Class of 59), phone 740-452-5597.  Their address is 2390 Adamsville Rd., Zanesville, OH 43701, and E-mail address is (please put ZHS as subject).


The meeting was then adjourned.  We are looking forward to seeing all of you at the 55th class reunion October 16, 2010.  If you have never attended your class reunion, you are missing all the fun!


Martha K. Cannon