We had rain off and on during the trip to Zanesville today, but we still had fifteen classmates at the Golden Corral. 
Cornelia called and said that she and Bill are still in Chautauqua, NY on vacation or they would have been at the lunch.  It sounds like they have been enjoying sailing in their boat, riding bikes and relaxing while on vacation.  Their two children and grandchildren joined them for a weekend of fun. 
I had printed out some of Fritzie Levison Urquhart's Web site ( with several of her sculptures, mixed media, and paintings along with her biography.  Her 2009-2010 opening is this Saturday in San Diego.  Our classmates commented on the diversity of her work, her creative ability, and the very special results she achieves with unusual material.  Sonie said "Wouldn't it be nice if all of us could be at her opening for 2009-2010 this Saturday?"  We could meet her under the constellation tree or by her sculpture!  Barbara commented that she can't understand why one of her sculptures was not named after her or one of her classmates!
It was announced that Carl Factor and Tom Hale will both be at the October 13 lunch bunch.  Carl has made reservations for dinner at 5 PM at Eaglesticks and we are hoping to have a great turnout.  Pass the word around so we can get as many people out as possible.  Jane Caldwell announced that Nancy Carter Gildersleeve is going to try and attend the October lunch also.  She will be flying this time from Frederick, MD and will stay with Jane.  She had a very difficult winter fighting her cancer, but says she is doing much better now. 
We regreted to learn from Gwen that Juliana Sawyer Stolle's husband, Bernie, has passed away.  We miss seeing Juliana at our reunions.  She is still living in Germany and has been wheelchair bound for many years.  Our sympathy is extended to Juliana and her family during this difficult time. 
Kinsey Tanner reported that he received a phone call from Sandy Mindel, who is a friend of Betty Ann Sippy Haynes.  Sandy told Kinsey that Betty has had a severe heart attack and is not expected to live through the day.  She is in one of the hospitals in the Columbus area.  We will keep Betty and her family in our thoughts and prayers.
Jim Burkhart said that Roger McGlade fell at Lowe's and when he got up had lost vision in one eye.  They discovered he had a tumor which was removed from behind the optic nerve on Sunday.  Carl Factor called his wife, Carol, this afternoon and Carol said he is doing well and should be home this weekend.  Carol also told Carl that the tumor is benign, and we are thankful for that.  It would be great if they could make the October lunch.
After eating a very good lunch we had reports from Gerald and Kinsey regarding the 2010 class reunion. 
Gerald reported that Shirley had made no firm commitment or deposit at Bryan Place, so the committee is free to investigate other places as well.
Sonie Hickman Philip reported that the VFW is booked for the second Saturday in September, but the Grotto in South Zanesville has plenty of parking, is large enough to accommodate us and is available.  She said they would serve us a sit down dinner with ribeye for $16.50 or chicken for $12.00.
Kinsey has a long list of places that could accommodate us that he got at the Welcome Center.  He has tried calling Henry Lee and the number is no longer in effect.  Bill Factor gave him an E-mail for Henry and so far Kinsey has not received an answer.  Jane recommended he try the Web site ZABA which helps you find people.
We were happy to learn from Kinsey that Bill Factor will help on the reunion committee again this year.  So far the committee consists of Kinsey Tanner, Gerald Roberts, Bill Factor, Gwen Curry, Jean Ross and we hope Linda Warne will be able to serve again.  Thanks to all of you.
The first meeting will be after our Tuesday, October 13 lunch and is open to all interested classmates.
Let's get outside everyday this fall.  Miracles are waiting everywhere.  And let us not compare our life to others.  We have no idea what their journey is all about.
I hope to see all of you on Tuesday, October 13 at the Golden Corral at 11:30 AM and later that day at 5 PM at Eaglesticks in South Zanesville.
Martha K. Cannon