We had twenty-two classmates present at the Golden Corral today. 
Cornelia brought beautiful mums for those who had birthdays recently and gave one to me to take to my brother, Ken, who is in a nursing home.  Thank you Cornelia for being so thoughtful!
Shirley Holdren Smith passed a card around for us to sign for Shelby Hina Snelling who had surgery and is having difficulties with infection after the surgery.  We pray for a fast recovery for Shelby. 
Dixie Knowlden Gilliland is in Riverside Hospital.  She had uterine cancer with a total hysterectomy and is doing well.  They fortunately believe they got all the cancer.  She will be staying with her daughter in the Columbus area for at least a week after discharge from the hospital.  We are wishing Dixie a speedy recovery.
Shirley led us in the blessing today.
It was wonderful to see Judy Gormley Machett back at the lunch bunch after her illness.  We were all happy to see her and glad she is able to get back for our lunch.  She wanted everyone to know how much she appreciated all the cards she received.
Nancy Cohen Fawcett's husband, Harold, twisted his ankle and they believe it is sprained.  But they both attended the lunch today even though Harold was using a walker.  It was great seeing both of them.
I hadn't seen Sue and Chuck Gause in a long time, but I read in the last lunch bunch notes that Jane Caldwell wrote that they attended last month, and shared their cruise experience.  It was good seeing them again.
Gerald Roberts totaled his vehicle when it went into a ditch, but fortunately Gerald is fine.  He has a bruised chest from the seat belt, but it probably kept him from having many more injuries.  Do remember to put on those seat belts!
If you want to hear the greatest band in the land, join us on Thursday, October 18 to go to the 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant at 5030 Sawyer Rd, Columbus, OH.  Cornelia's husband, Bill Ferguson, plays in the band and several from our class have gone to hear this band and say they are fabulous!  If you would like to go, please let Shirley Holdren Smith know (phone #740-453-2870) if you are in the Zanesville area as there will be a group going in two vans.  Everyone wanting a ride will meet at the Conference Center in Zanesville at 7 PM.  There is a $5.00 fee at the door.  Those in the Columbus area please contact Cornelia Bridges Ferguson (phone # 614-294-7896).  The Columbus area classmates will plan to be at the restaurant around 8 PM unless they want to go earlier for dinner.  We will reserve a table for our group.  This should be a fun time for all of us attending.
Let's enjoy the fall weather until we meet again next month on October 9, 2007 at the Golden Corral at 11:30 AM.  I hear we are having several people attending next month from out of town including Sandy Geyer Miller, Tom Hale, Carl Factor, Fritzie and Donna Frame Swope.  I hope to see many of our classmates out next month.
Martha K. Cannon