Lunch Bunch, October 11, 2016

What a lovely fall day!  Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.  We had 26 classmates and friends at our lunch.

It was nice seeing Tom and Mary Ellen Hale today.  They will be leaving from Zanesville to visit Tom's brother in Tennessee.

The class of 1959 met at the Golden Corral for the first time today.  They very graciously let us have our same room.  They had reserved it and for some reason it was not reserved for us.  Thank you class of 1959.

Fannie Mae volunteered to make certain our room is reserved every month.  Thank you, Fannie.

Jerry Richardson very graciously gave the blessing.  Thank you, Jerry.

Janice McFerren (class of 1959) spoke to our class about the new Alumni Room open Thursdays from 10 to 4.
It is located at 956 Moxahala Ave.  Please feel free to visit as they have lots of memorabilia from each class on display.

The Alumni Association is meeting at Giacomo's on the evening of 10/19,  7 pm .  It is located on Maple Ave.  Mary Ann Bucci from the class of 1962, will be the speaker.

This is Homecoming Weekend with Zanesville playing Cambridge!

Marjorie Dixon and Nancy Fawcett attended the lunch for the second month in a row.  David and Delores Roberts attended also, and David is doing well.

Maryanna Fenton is going to reserve Bryon Place for our Christmas Party.  Sondra Philip usually handles this, and also sees to it that the Golden Corral is reserved.  So we slipped up on both of these, and knew we had to reserve this month to get a location for the party.  Thank you, Maryanna.  You may call me, Marty Cannon, at 614-890-9948, to make your reservation.  Leave a message if I do not answer.  All the details will be in the November Notes.

Sondra is doing well after her bypass surgery, and she is in the process of moving into a smaller home.  I hope to see her back soon.

We will be meeting next  on Tuesday, Nov.8, 11:30 am, at the Golden Corral.   I will see all of you next month.

Seven of our classmates just had to go to Tom's Ice Cream after the lunch.  It was delicious!

 "Where do we enroll in life 101?  Where are the classes when dealing with the loss of a job, in the death of a loved one, in the failure of a broken relationship?

Unfortunately, those lessons are mainly learned through trial by fire, and from the school of hard knocks!"  ~Les Brown

Martha K. Cannon