LUNCH BUNCH October 12, 2015


We had 22 classmates and friends at our lunch on this cool and beautiful fall day!  The refreshing smell of fall is here, and I love the crunch of leaves under my feet!  Everyone was still reminiscing about our 60th class reunion.  What a joy it was to see our classmates once again.  


Bill Factor very kindly gave the blessing.  Thank you, Bill.


I saw Kay McConnel Minnich out front in the Golden Corral. I had a nice chat with both Kay and her husband, inviting them to join us for lunch next month.


Barbara Gossett Harris was present at the lunch today, and I believe it is her first time at lunch bunch.  She recently lost her husband, David, after sixty years of marriage.  Our sympathy goes out to her and her family.  We hope to see her back at many of our lunches.


Carol Mahaney Hoffman is now at the Helen Purcell Home.  We wish her well and happiness at her new home.  Gwen had a nice visit with her, so visits are welcome.


Gwen and Jack Downing were leaving for Fort Lauderdale right after the lunch.  Gwen is going to be sending reunion books to everyone who requested them.  So be assured, Donna Swope, that you will get your book.  Donna is still recuperating from a fall, and we wish her well!


Melanie Sterling gave me the number of classmates at the reunion.  Thank you, Melanie, and for all the work you do for our class.

Friday evening:  82

Saturday evening: 109

Sunday Brunch:  56


What a great turnout for our 60th!  I heard some of the men got together Saturday afternoon for a crucial Pow Wow meeting.  I wish I had been there!

Others went to Toms Ice Cream Bowl to bring back memories.  


Regardless of the rain and cold, many of our class members went to the 200 Years of Agriculture in Muskingum County Celebration at Tunis Farms to see the exhibits and displays, as well as a remarkable program.  They spent a few hours "back on the farm" and took a peek into agriculture's past, present and future.  Thank you, Kinsey Tanner, for recommending we visit the Tunis Farm.  We all received a book called Tony the Pony written by Judy Tunis.  This is a true story of a Shetland pony owned by James and Dorothy Tunis of Zanesville, OH.  I picked up several of the books for my great grandchildren to read.


Some of our classmates did the First Friday Art Walk and the contemporary Ceramics Exhibit at the Zanesville Art Museum.  There is always plenty to do in our home town!


Please take the time to read "Moments in Time" by Linda Williams Warne found in our 60th reunion book.  We all have had a long journey, some parts good, and some bad, but the bond that we formed with each other is still strong.  Thank you, Linda.


The moving "In Loving Memory" memorial for 28 of our deceased classmates in the last five years was presented by Kay King Lechner with the help of Linda Warne and Scott McCollister placing a carnation in the vases in memory of a deceased classmate.  Thank you for doing this ceremony. 


Maryanna Fenton and Sondra Philip have made arrangements for our Christmas Party at Bryan Place on Tuesday December 8 at 11:30.  RESERVATIONS are needed.  We will be taking names next month of those who wish to attend or you can call Donna Smith Iden at 740-452-8019.  We will be donating canned goods, money, and perishables, which Kinsey Tanner has once again volunteered to deliver.  PLEASE NOTE:  If you make a reservation and are unable to attend, please call Donna and cancel.  We must pay for all the reservations!


Today I promise not to stress over things I cannot control.


Farewell until next month at the Golden Corral on Tuesday, November 10, at 11:30.


Martha K. Cannon