LUNCH BUNCH, October 14, 2014



We had over twenty classmates and friends at lunch on this beautiful Autumn day.  It was a cloudy, but comfortable day with no rain until we had almost reached Westerville.  The peak week for fall colors should be next week!


Some of the faces that we do not see often, but who attended this lunch were Tom and Mary Ellen Hale from Shelby Twnp, MI, Linda and Darrell Warne, Nancy Fawcett, Carolyn Waite, Anita Coffey, and Gwen Curry Downing with her new husband, Jack.  Congratulations to both Gwen and Jack. 


Tom and Mary Ellen were looking very fit!  Mary Ellen does the Curves Class, and Tom is doing a Cross Fitness Class.  Martha Pettry is also looking slimmer and said she is doing water aerobics.  Keep active and moving is a healthy way of life! 


Officer Schneider very kindly gave my husband a warning instead of a speeding ticket on the way home.  Thank you officer!  I just finished paying for his last one!


Sondra Philip announced that we need to be thinking of our Christmas Party.  It was decided to go back to Bryan's Place on Tuesday, December 9 at 11:30.  Instead of gifts, we will each bring canned food to be given to a worthy group.  Several people signed up for the Christmas lunch today.  Donna Iden has the list.  You can still sign up next month at the lunch, or after that you can call Donna.  Tom will be putting Donna's phone # on the Web site.  Please also call Donna if you need to cancel.  Anyone not showing up that has signed up will still be charged for the lunch if they do not cancel.  Maryanna Fenton very kindly said that she will make the reservation at Bryan's Place.  Thank you Sondra, Donna, and Maryanna.


Please keep Bill Ferguson in your thoughts and prayers while he is battling pancreatic cancer metastasized to the lung.  He and Cornelia are both in good spirits.  He continues on his chemo.  His last scan showed improvement in the size of the pancreatic tumor, and smaller cancer cells in the lung.


Also keep David Roberts in your prayers.  This coming Friday he will be having a new pacemaker/defibrillator put in.


Jim Burkhart seems to have recovered from his broken ankle.  After hearing about his fall down the steps, I believe he is very fortunate it was not worse!


I have been asked why it is that some of our classmates and friends get sick suddenly, like Bill, when he has been healthy his entire life?  I think this has to be left to the realm of mystery or uncertainty.  I am very uncomfortable with people that see things as absolute, and folks who have easy answers for everything.  Life just isn't that simple.  We are at a difficult stage in our lives, our bodies are wearing out, and there is no way we can understand everything.  I do know that there is no need to feel guilt that you are healthy and someone else is ill, and that it is very sad when our friends become ill. 


Bill Factor and his wife, his daughter and son-in-law, and eight grandchildren are still in Jamaica on a mission.  They are doing street ministry, and construction work while there.  This family is doing random acts of kindness! 


Bill Rushay very kindly gave the blessing.


And then the fun and chatting began.  We had quite a lively group.  Tom Hale took pictures, so look for those to be posted.


There were seven of us who went to Tom's Ice Cream Bowl!  The rest of you will never know what you missed.


I am looking forward to seeing all of you next month at the Golden Corral at 11:30 AM on Tuesday, November, 11.


"My wish for you is that you continue to be who and how you are, to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness, and continue to allow humor to lighten the burden of your tender heart."  ~Maya Angelou


Martha K. Cannon