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It takes a long time to grow an old friend, and on this beautiful autumn day we gathered together with 31 classmates at the Golden Corral.


Gwen Curry was kind enough to give the blessing today.


Sonie Hickman Philip has volunteered to be the contact person to make certain that we have reservations at the Golden Corral each month.  Thank you Sonie.


We had one first time visitor this month.  John Thompson from Cuyahoga Falls drove two and a half hours to be with us today.  We hope to see John on many more occasions.  It was wonderful chatting with him today.  He assured us that he would be attending our 2010 class reunion.


Sue Squire Richardson brought her husband Jerry today.  It was nice seeing him again.


We enjoyed having out of state classmates today.  They were Tom Hale and his daughter Cindy from Shelby Twp., Mich.  Carl and Becky Factor from Westfield, NJ. Nancy Carter Gildersleeve from Frederick, MD.  Cindy and Tom both took pictures.  Thanks to both of them and to all the work Tom does on our Web site. Also visiting from Mich. was Larry Crist and his wife Donna.


Carl announced that in the box he brought today is a Zanesville, Ohio puzzle that his children got him and Becky for Christmas.  It has all the parking places we used to park in while in high school, all the strip mines, etc.  He sent it to Tom Hale, and Tom liked it so much he had one made for himself.  Then Tom sent his on to Donna and Paul Swope in Florida and Donna sent it on to Martha K. and Martin Cannon who sent it on to Barb and Kent Williamson.  They all took two or three days to put it together.  Barb sent it on to Jane and Bob Caldwell, and Carl says they took six months to put it together!  Carl gave his today to Maryanna Fenton to try her hand at the Zanesville puzzle and she will pass it on to anyone else wanting to try it.  Thanks, Carl.


Becky Factor had a nice visit with Donna Swope's sister, Nancy, who is at Willow Haven Nursing Home due to Alzheimer's.  She said she had a nice visit with her, and Nancy remembered her.  Becky and Nancy were in the same class at ZHS.  We wish Nancy well at Willow Haven.


Jean Beale Ross has a knee replacement scheduled for next Tuesday.  We wish her a speedy recovery and will keep her in our thoughts and prayers.


Reservations have been made for the Christmas lunch to be Tuesday, December 8 at Bryans Place at 11:30 located at 49 North Sixth Street (the old YMCA).  The contact person to call for your reservation if you didn't sign up today is Gwen Curry.  Her phone numbers are:  740-453-3615 and cell is 740-624-2221.  Please call Gwen before December 1 to make your reservation.  Remember to bring a white elephant gift from your home, or a $5.00 gift for Santa to have fun handing out.  Mark the gift if appropriate for a man or a woman.  Maryanna Fenton will make final arrangements at Bryans.  She stated the price will probably be around $20, will be a buffet with the main entrees being beef or chicken with all the trimmings.  She will report back to us next month.


 After having a great lunch, Gerald Roberts and Kinsey Tanner had a brief meeting regarding our 2010 class reunion.  The reunion will be the weekend of September 10,11,12, 2010.


Five places that Gerald and Kinsey will investigate are:


1)  Zanesville Country Club.

2)  K of C.

3)  Prophets Park Home of Amrou Grotto

4)  Welcome Center, which is new, and is across from the library.

5)  Muskingum Valley Conference Center.


Maryanna recommended that they check on prices, parking accommodations, food, etc.  They will report back next month.


Please call Kinsey if any of you wish to be on the committee.  His phone number is:  740-453-5558.


After having fun telling stories and chatting, twelve of us went to Tom's Ice Cream Bowl and indulged in the same huge bowls of ice cream with a mixture of toppings reminiscent of our high school days.


At 5 PM 28 classmates met at Eagle Sticks for dinner and more fun chatting.  It was a wonderful day for all of us.  We know we have the best class ever!


I hope to see all of you next month at 11:30 at the Golden Corral on Tuesday, November 10. 


Yesterday is gone.  Tomorrow has not yet come.  We have only today.  So let us begin.~Mother Teresa


Martha K. Cannon