What a beautiful Autumn day we had for our lunch.  The drive from Westerville presented all the bright fall colors on route 161 and 146.  We had twenty-two at our lunch today.  Some are still golfing in the beautiful fall weather. 
Carl and Becky couldn't make it since Carl has a big responsibility to his clients at Smith-Barney during this huge financial crises, and in helping the feds and treasury with the best solution.  Hang in there, Carl!  But Tom and Mary Ellen Hale did arrive from Shelby Twp., Michigan.  We enjoyed spending time with both of them.
Shirley brought two balloons today.  One balloon was to welcome back Sue and Chuck Gause, and Mary Ellen and Tom Hale.  This is the first time Sue and Chuck have been able to attend this year, and they will be leaving for Florida in January.  This is the first time this year that Mary Ellen has been able to come to Ohio with Tom. 
The other balloon that Shirley brought was for the summer birthdays.  Five admitted to having birthdays during the summer, and we sang a very robust Happy Birthday to all of them.  Maryanna Fenton said she had always told her children she was going to buy a convertible on her seventh birthday.  And sure enough, she has a beautiful silver Toyota Solara convertible.  Jean Ross also is driving a convertible, a Volkswagen bug!  
Jean Ross was off the golf course today, although Bob was out with his buddies playing again today.  Jean is trying to find someone to chair our class reunion in 2010.  Shirley said she would chair it if someone would be the co-chair with her because of her health issues.  Gwen Curry has said that she will continue doing the mailings for the class, and that is a huge responsibility also.  "I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know:  The only ones among you who will be truly happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve." - Albert Schweitzer  
Our class reunion committee and Shirley Smith must be truly happy for the service they have done for our class.  We thank them for their service to us.  
Pat Burkhart reported that her class had a three day option for their class reunion meeting on Friday evening, playing golf at the Country Club on Saturday with their main event on Saturday evening at the Country Club.  Sunday they went to Bryan's Place for brunch.  Everyone got their own motel reservations.  This would be an option for our class to think about since the Holiday Inn was sold and has very poor ratings. 
Maryanna is leaving for Florida this week, and then will return and go to Chicago to visit her daughter.  She will be missing our November meeting, but will be back for lunch in December.
Jane and Bob Caldwell are leaving tomorrow for Florida and will be home in three weeks.
Barb and Kent Williamson had a fabulous time on their Bermuda cruise celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.  The pictures were beautiful.  Congratulations to both of them!
Maryanna has booked Bryan's Place for our Christmas party again this year.  She said we are to arrive at 11:30 bringing a white elephant worth around $5.00 for Santa to give away.  Please mark on your gift whether it is for a man or woman or either.  Our meal is $18 including tax and gratuity, and will be chicken or beef with all the side dishes we had last year.  We usually have our largest turnout at Christmas which is around 35 to 40 classmates.  We appreciate everything Maryanna has done for our class.
Classmates to remember in our prayers are:
Erma Wagner Riley and her husband, Tom.  They have both been ill. 
Marjorie Mautz Dixon had one knee replacement, and is doing very well with that.  She got home last Wednesday. 
Tom Huey was hurt in the wind storm. 
Martha Elliott Pettry is having a thyroidectomy for a nodule and suspected cancer on November 7. 
Linda Achauer Steer's husband, Roland, who had aortic valve replacement and has a life threatening staph infection.
Shirley is going back to Midwest Medical Center in Zion, IL the last of this month.  She suspects her second chemo is not working.  She read to us two inspirational quotes, and as always is very optimistic about her condition. 
Shirley led us with the blessing and then the stories started. 
After about three hours two couples (the toughest ones in the class) went to Toms Ice Cream Bowl for hot fudge sundaes.  Where did everyone else go?  Certainly they didn't go home for a nap as we aren't old enough for that!  Mary Ellen, Tom, Martin and I enjoyed every bite.
There were 18 of us at the Market House Inn at 5 PM.  John Power found he could not make it, but Larry and Donna Crist were there from St. Joseph, Michigan.  We enjoyed seeing them.  Gerry and Judy Mizer, Roger and Carol McGlade, Chuck and Martha Pettry, Jim and Pat Burkhart, Shirley Smith, Maryanna Fenton, Cornelia and Bill Ferguson, Tom and Mary Ellen Hale, and Martha K. and Martin Cannon had a wonderful time together.  We tried to solve the world financial situation for Carl, but decided we will have to leave it to the experts.
What a great class we have!  I'm looking forward to seeing many of you next month on Tuesday, November 11 at 11:30 at the Golden Corral.
"Now is no time to think of what you do not have.  Think of what you can do with what there is." -Ernest Hemingway
Martha K. Cannon