What a great day for a mini-reunion!  It is amazing how easy it is to renew our extraordinary past relationships from the 1950s (or even longer) to 2007.  Without a doubt, this was a great lunch bunch with all of the out of towners.  Tom said I had to tell the truth about eating our way across Zanesville starting at 11:30 AM at the Golden Corral, then on to Tom's Ice Cream Bowl for tin roof's, hot fudge sundae's, and root beer floats, and then meeting at 5:30 PM at Eagle Sticks for drinks and dinner.  I heard comments from classmates that "Carl is a scream" and "Look how great Donna looks, and she certainly is a lucky gal to have that great guy, Paul, for a husband," and "Wow, look at what a fashion plate Fritzie is," and "Tom must be working out everyday to look so toned and trim."  Frankly, I think we are one great class to have continued such special relationships with each other year after year.
We had forty-two classmates present today!  What a fantastic turnout!  Our out of state classmates today were Tom Hale from Shelby Twp., Michigan; Carl and Becky Factor from Westfield, NJ; Paul and Donna Swope from Longwood, FL; and Fritzie Urquhart from Carlsbad, CA. Fritzie also brought her 95 y.o. Mom with her today, and it was amazing how great she is doing!  A lot of us enjoyed talking with her.  We missed having Sandy Geyer Miller from Altadina, CA with us, but she had a family reunion in Columbus to attend at the same time as our lunch.
First timers were Linda Achauer Steer and her husband Roland, and Donna and Paul Swope.  It was great seeing all of them, and we hope they will continue to come.  Some that rarely attend and were present today were Dave and Ruth Ann Coulson, Roger McGlade, Glenn McCutchen, and John Power.  Bill Thompson, Kinsey Tanner and his wife Marty, Gerry Mizer, John Power with his wife JerriSue, and Roger and Carol McGlade attended the evening dinner. 
Our faithful leader, Shirley Holdren Smith, honored Tom Hale as Master of our Web site.  What a great job he has done for us!  He says there are an average of twenty hits per day on our Web site at  Shirley presented Tom with a framed picture of "Friends are like Angels" with all of our signatures on it.  This web site has certainly been a blessing to many.  He also received an elephant to sit on top of his computer.
Shirley also presented me with a beautiful hydrangea for doing the lunch bunch notes.  I feel I should share it with Martha Pettry and Jane Caldwell as Martha has done the notes at least once when I was absent, and Jane has taken over for me many times.  Thanks to both of them for a great job. 
Shirley announced that Shelby Hina Snelling has to have gallbladder surgery tomorrow.  We need to keep her in our thoughts and prayers as she just had her colon removed due to cancer recently, and had to fight an infection after that surgery. 
Also it is great to know that Dixie Knowlden Gilliland is doing well since a hysterectomy from uterine cancer.  She does not have to have chemo, and we are thankful for that.
We are getting a group of our classmates together to go to the Columbus 94th Aero Squadron on October 18 to hear the big band that Cornelia's husband plays in.  Everyone from the Zanesville area will meet at 7 PM at the Welcome Center across from the Library and hopefully will fit into two vans.  If you have any questions, please call Shirley Holdren Smith at 740-453-2870 or Cornelia Bridges Ferguson at 614-294-7896.  You can have dinner there or just enjoy drinks and the big band.
A special presentation was made to Martha Elliott Pettry!  Carl called her hoping that she and Chuck could have dinner with us at 5:30 at Eagle Sticks.  Carl was amazed that she is taking a sewing class at the age of 70, and was especially amazed that the class was at 5:30 PM on the second Tuesday.  So he presented her with a book called "Sewing made simple" hoping that she would attend and just read the book.  Chuck did attend the dinner, but we didn't see Martha.  We hope she is sewing some beautiful things for our class.
Shirley led us in the blessing.
Jane Caldwell sent me an E-mail from Florida where she and Bob are vacationing saying that she will miss seeing all of you at the lunch and dinner.  She also sent a picture of her precious granddaughter in an Ohio State cheer leading outfit!  Oh my gosh, is she darling.  She must be about two years old.
At the next class reunion Donna Swope said she is going to do the tango with Henry!  She just had two partial knee replacements, so start practicing Henry!  You had better watch how it is done on Dancing with the Stars along with taking some lessons!
I'm certain all of you getting on the Web site will see all of us as Fritzie, Tom, Donna, and Paul were taking pictures.  But you do have to attend in order to hear what we discussed.
We hope to see all of you next month on November 13 at 11:30 AM at the Golden Corral.  And remember that minds are like parachutes...they work best when open.
Martha K. Cannon