We had twenty-four classmates present today!
It is time to be thinking about our Christmas party and Maryanna Fenton has made arrangements for us.  It will be on December 9 at 11:30 PM at Bryan Place located at 49 N. Sixth Street (the old YWCA).  It will be buffet style with chicken and beef as the main entrees with all the same side dishes we had last year.  The cost will be $18 including tax and gratuity.  Remember to bring a white elephant (a gift around $5 which you have lying around your home) for Santa to have fun handing out.  Mark the gift if appropriate for a man or a woman.  If you didn't sign up today and would like to go, please call Shirley Smith at 740-453-2870 as we need to make reservations.  This is usually the biggest turnout for the year!
Classmates to remember in prayer:
Shirley opened the meeting sharing with us that Carolyn Waite had her spine surgery last week in New Albany.  She has recovered from her broken ankle.
Larry Crist had open heart surgery last Wednesday.
Martha Pettry had a thyroidectomy on November 7.  All went well.  Chuck says he is getting to rest his ears since Martha has a very sore throat and doesn't talk much.  They will learn when the biopsy report comes back if there was a malignancy.
Sue Squire Richardson fell and broke her shoulder on October 31.  While in the hospital they found something in her lung and are scanning her lungs to determine what it is.
Eleanor Fulkerson, Sony's sister-in-law, fell and tore her Achilles tendon.  She can't put any weight on it and her recovery will be long.
We continue to pray for Linda Achauer Steer's husband, Roland, who had a Staph infection to his aortic valve replacement.  We haven't heard since last month how he is doing.  Please let us know if you have any word from Linda on his progress.
We are devastated to learn that Shirley Smith's chemo has stopped helping her.  She learned years ago that goat's milk helped with curing some cancers and wishes that she had continued to drink it.  She is drinking three glasses per day now, and eating lots of green leafy vegetables.  Shirley has been such an inspiration to all of us in her long bout with cancer and continues to inspire all of us with her energy, positive attitude and strong faith in God.
We are wishing all these friends and classmates well in their recovery period.  We sent cards to all of the above today.
Martha made some beautiful cards for us to send to our classmates.  Thank you, Martha!
The Riley's sent us a card thanking us for the get well card we sent to them.
We haven't heard from Nancy and Harold Fawcett for quite a while, so we sent them a card also.  We hope they are both doing well.
We were happy to see Carolyn Stiers Lanning today.  She has had a long bout with a frozen shoulder, and a problem with her heel.  She didn't wear her heel boot today and seemed to walk well.  We hope she continues to heal.
Shirley closed by reading a letter she had received from Donna Frame Swope and using the ending for our blessing.  It read:
You are precious to God.
You are forgiven.
You are gifted.
You are loved.
Forgive yourself.
Be filled with the Spirit and go forth in the strength and joy of the Lord.
Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.
I hope to see all of you on Tuesday, December 9 at 11:30 AM.  Remember, our Christmas party is at Bryan Place.
Martha K. Cannon