On this beautiful 64 degree fall day my husband and I drove up to the Golden Corral and noted that all our classmates were standing outside chatting with each other.  We walked up to them and asked if we were having a picnic outside!  But after several years of meeting at the Golden Corral on the second Tuesday of each month, we found that we did not have a reservation, and that the private rooms were all over booked!  The manager would not even look Shirley in the eye, because he knew we had a reservation, but no room.
So it was decided that we would all go to the Oriental Buffet on Homewood Ave.  Martin and I arrived first and secured a private room for our group (only ten showed up).  A small group is just as nice as a large one.  We all sat at one table and could talk with everyone! 
Then I learned that while Barb Williamson and Jane Caldwell with several others were waiting for Cornelia, they became cold and decided to go into the Golden Corral.  Since Jane was on a tight time schedule and had to meet the school bus at 3 PM back in Worthington, they decided to eat at the Golden Corral.  This group consisted of Jane, Barb, Cornelia, Dave and Sis Roberts, Gerald Roberts, and Carolyn Stiers Lanning.  While they were eating the manager of the place came over and apologized, and said the woman who is in charge of reservations has been in and out of the hospital, and there was a mix up of several ZHS classes in the 1950's.  So we really had two separate groups.  Jean Beale Ross, Gerry Mizer and his wife Judy, and Maryanna Fenton all left as they had other commitments.  We are so sorry for the inconvenience to all of you. 
It was nice seeing Viola (Vi) Tharp Linn as it has been a long time since she has attended a lunch.  She still has seven horses, is still riding, taking care of them, and showed us pictures of her granddaughter competing with one of her quarter horses.  Way to go Vi!
Mary Reid was with us today for the last time until May since she will be spending the winter months in Florida.  Enjoy that sunshine, Mary!  She says she loves it there in the winter and stays in a 55 and older complex, and they are all like a very close family.
Sandy Tuttle came with her husband, Dave.  We enjoyed having him and hope he continues to come to our lunches.
Shelby Hina Snelling is back with us!  She looks wonderful, and hopefully all her surgeries are now in the past.  Welcome back Shelby!
Shirley brought with her several posters that she found her late husband, Ron, had saved from World War II.  The first poster said "I want you for the US Army."  This is the only poster I remember seeing.  Remember the blackouts, the savings stamps, smashing our food cans for our government, etc?  Another poster said "Because somebody talked" and showed a casket!  Another poster showed an award for careless talk, with a person having only one hand.  And the next one showed a person drowning in the ocean and the caption was "Someone talked."  Wow!  I know I have never seen those last posters! 
Shirley led us in the blessing, and we had a very enjoyable time together.
A small group from the Columbus area went to the 94th Aero-Squadron on October 18 to hear the greatest band in the land featuring Cornelia's husband, Bill Ferguson.  What a treat!  Jane and Bob Caldwell, Barb and Kent Williamson, Joann Patterson, Marty Cannon, and Cornelia and Bill had dinner, and then we listened to the entertainment.  Bill played a trumpet solo for us and also did a vocal solo for us!  It was a very exciting and fun evening.  And it was amazing to watch the dancers, many of them looking older than we are.  Jane and Bob, and Barb and Kent hit the dance floor.  Hopefully, we can do this again in the future. 
For our December lunch bunch, we will be meeting at Bryan Place, 49 N. Sixth Street (the old YWCA) at 11:30 on December 11.  Each person should bring either a white elephant from home or a gift of approximately $5 value.  Santa will be present and hand out the gifts to us.  The meal is a buffet with beef as the main entree, and the cost is $15 per person.  Please call Shirley Holdren Smith at 740-453-2870 if you plan on attending as we need reservations.
Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.  "As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." .. John Fitzgerald Kennedy
What we are really talking about is a wonderful day set aside on the fourth Thursday of November when no one diets and families are all together counting their blessings.  I mean, why else would they call it Thanksgiving?  ~Erma Bombeck, "No one Diets on Thanksgiving." 26 November 1981.
Martha K. Cannon