Lunch Bunch November 14, 2006

Twenty-eight class members and guests attended the lunch.  Joanne Cooper Patterson's mother was a guest today.  It was great to meet her and she knew a few of us.  It's wonderful that Joanne still has her mother.  Nobody brought a camera but I can tell you we ALL looked younger and prettier than ever!

We were glad to see Shirley Smith and hear that she had a good report from her radiation check up.  The tumor size is down from 15 to 7.2 and her blood tests look good.  She sends her thanks to everyone for their cards and prayers. Please continue the prayer chain for all the people on the list.

The December lunch will be held at the Bryans (the old YWCA) on December 12 at 11:30.  Please make your reservations with Shirley Smith (740-453-2870) by December 5th.  The cost is $15 including gratuity.  Bring a $5.00 gift for Santa to distribute.  Mark the gift for a man or woman.

I hope Martha Kay will be back in December.  Her brother, Kenny, is having a hard time with his chemotherapy.  Keep him in your prayers.

Jane Peugh Caldwell