Lunch Bunch, May 10, 2016

Oh, what a beautiful day it was until we drove home.  We had a 15 minute blinding thunderstorm, but made it home safely.  We were blessed to have 25 classmates and friends today at the lunch.

We had a nice visit with Tom and Mary Ellen Hale as well as their daughter, Cindy, from Michigan.  Thank you for making the trip.

We missed seeing Carl Factor.  He was unable to make the trip due to a bad knee.  He has a consultation scheduled with his doc to see if he needs a total knee replacement.  We wish him well.

Bill Factor very kindly gave the blessing.

I received an E-mail from John and Jeri Power that they are going to New York this summer to see their granddaughter, who is in grad school.  They will be visiting with Carl and Becky Factor while there.  John says he still has his accounting practice, and can't seem to give it up.  Jeri is taking care of her mother every day.  What a busy couple!

Barbara Williamson wanted to be at the lunch, but Kent's Partner's Mother passed away, and they both had to be at the funeral home.  Kent still has his insurance business with his partner.  We missed Barb, as she does not make many lunches.

Sue Richardson's spot on her lung is stable, but she does need to have a recheck in three months.  Sue had MOH's surgery last Wednesday on her leg with cuts pretty deep, and is on Keflex and Tylenol.  But Sue made the lunch today in very high spirits.

Linda Warne sent me a message that Darrell's CT scan for pancreatic cancer is clear again. What fantastic news that is!  They both appreciate the prayers of their classmates. They will miss the lunch as they are going to their grandson's college graduation at University of Indy (Maurice Archer's grandson too).

Bob Ross has had reverse shoulder replacement.  He is doing well.

Bill Factor had partial knee replacement two weeks ago.  He came to the lunch today walking perfectly, and with no pain.  Yay!

Mary Fish White sent me a very nice note saying she had colon cancer seven weeks ago.  The only symptom was a low blood count!  The surgeon removed the right side of bowel and tumour.  She felt very blessed that all the Lymph Nodes were clear, and no chemo or radiation is needed.  She did have a second emergency surgery 4 days after the first surgery due to an area that had herniated.  We pray that she will continue to be well.  Now we know if we have a low blood count it could be from cancer or tumor of the colon, so do not ignore it.  Mary is doing well now and sends her best to all of you.  Her address is 3460 Countryside Blvd, #7, Clearwater, FL  33761.

Bill Rushay and a group of us discussed going to the Buckeye Lake Winery in July or August.  It would have to be on a Wed. or Thurs. since they are closed on Mon. or Tues.  This will not take the place of our regular lunch.

It was so nice seeing everyone.  I am looking forward to seeing all of you next month on  June 14th at the Golden Corral at 11:30.

Martha K. Cannon

  Pretend it is still April: THE SNOW FENCE

I watched with a sense of nostalgia,
The day the snow fence came down.
It was as if it came booming,
Onto April's cold Spring ground.

Standing like a silent sentinel,
Against winter's cold, cold blast,
Were its scarlet rows of pickets,
Like soldiers shadows cast.

A reminder of long days,
Of wind, of snow and rain,
To be stored away, out of sight,
Till November comes round again.

~Linda Williams Warne