LUNCH BUNCH May 12, 2015



On this beautiful 67 degree day we had 31 classmates and friends at the lunch!


It was great seeing Tom and Mary Ellen Hale who drove in from Michigan.  They are both looking very fit!  Tom was busy taking photos to share.


Carl and Becky Factor planned on being at the lunch, but Carl had a serious fall on an already bad knee.  He will be having surgery on that knee soon.  Good luck, Carl.  We will keep him and Becky in our thoughts and prayers.


Also, please keep David and Sissy Roberts in your prayers.  Sissy is taking good care of him, and she thought they might make it to the lunch today, but were unable.


Today we had several classmates we have not seen in a while.  Melanie Sterling, Barbara Williamson, Cornelia Ferguson, Carolyn Lanning, Linda and Darrell Warne, Chuck and Sue Gause who just returned from Florida on April 15, and Gwen and Jack Downing who are also back from Florida to mention a few.


Darrell and Linda Warne have now been married for 57 years!  Congratulations to them!  Also, Darrell shared with me he has had his five year check on his pancreatic cancer, and he is still clean and healthy due to the Whipple Procedure that saved his life.


Sue Richardson shared last month that she is five years out from her lung cancer and is doing well!  Yay!


Bill Factor very kindly gave the blessing.


And then the eating and chatting started!  Our class certainly enjoy each other each time we get together.


Bill Factor did a presentation of the plans for the 60th class reunion.  We are hoping to have around 130 on Saturday evening, October 3.  On October 2, Friday, there is the first Friday Art Show and Pottery Competition on the sidewalks of downtown.  There will be a casual get-together at the Vista View Party House Friday evening with pizza and a cash bar.  Saturday anyone from our class can play 18 holes of golf with a cart both for free to 3 PM.  Saturday night we will have a buffet provided by Bill's BBQ with pork, chicken and ham.  The Sole Legacy Group will provide dinner music, and music for dancing later.  Erin Curry is in the group (Gwen's granddaughter), and we hear they are very good.  Sunday we will have brunch.  Rev. Harry Bronkar  will be with us this time.  It is estimated it will cost $60 per person for all three days.  The final letter will confirm the entire weekend which Gwen will send to us.


Of course a group of us had to go to Tom's Ice Cream after the lunch.  I believe there must have been around 16 of us eating chocolate soda's, milkshakes, tin roofs, and sundaes!  The owner of Tom's asked my husband, "Who is this group?"  Martin said it is the class of 1955.  He replied, "Where are the Swopes and the Factors?"  You two couples were missed not only by classmates, but by Tom's!


If I had my life to start over, I would start barefoot earlier in the spring and stay that way later in the fall.  I would ride more merry-go-rounds.  I would pick more daisies, and I would go to more concerts!  But it is never too late.  Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"  Let's get our bucket list completed!


I hope to see you all at the next lunch on June 9 at 11:30 at the Golden Corral.


Martha K. Cannon