Lunch Bunch, May 13, 2014


It was a beautiful sunny day for our lunch bunch group.  We were blessed to have 30 classmates and friends present today!


Tom and Mary Ellen Hale arrived looking very fit in their part electric and part gas Volt Auto!  That fitness look is partly due to the 60 times they went cross country skiing this past winter.  They love the snow!


Some other new faces that we do not see often and were present today are Anita Ropeter Coffey, Roger McGlade, John and JerriSue Power, Chuck and Sue Gause who have arrived back from Florida, and Gwen Curry.


Barbara Williamson was unable to attend due to not enough hours in the day to do everything she wants to do.  She says "Hello" to all of you.  She told me all of her schedule for this week, and I immediately sat in my recliner to relax for her.


Carl and Becky were unable to come this time, and we missed them.


Mary Elizabeth Hinkle visited her son, who is a minister, in Toledo, OH for Mother's Day.  Then she decided to stay over and finalize the plans for her husband's memorial service while there.  Remember her in your thoughts and prayers.


Most of you know we lost two of our dear classmates, Bill Thompson, and Gerald Roberts.  We send our sincere sympathy to their families and will keep them in our thoughts and prayers.  They will be missed, but never forgotten!


Sonnie Philip wants to thank all of you for the flowers, cards, sympathy, and help she received from you after the death of her husband, Robert.  Sondra said she and her little dog are doing well.  She appreciates all your help and prayers.


Gwen very kindly gave the blessing.


Then the eating and chatting began.  We were just old friends enjoying lively conversation.  People mingled throughout the entire room talking with everyone and having a good time.


Bill Factor made an announcement about our 2015 class reunion.  He said he visited Vista View Golf Course, and found that they have accommodations for 300 people.  The ball park figure he got would be less for three nights, than for one night at the  Country Club.  It is in a Green House.  Martin and I went out on old route 60 and checked it out.  I think we need to look at this very closely and make certain that it will be adequate for us "elderly" with appropriate catering, appropriate heating and air conditioning depending on the weather at that time, and to check out the rest rooms which are in the adjacent club house building.  Bill stated that Bill's Pit Barbeque could cater on Friday evening.  It may be that we need to have the Saturday event at the Country Club, and make plans for other locations for Friday night and Sunday brunch.  The reunion committee needs to look at all locations and make a decision.


Bill said also that Harry Bronkar may serve communion to us on Sunday.  Harry is now living in North Carolina with his new wife.  Congratulations Harry!


Gwen stated that "Pure Heart" an all singing group, could entertain us for a short while on Saturday evening.  They do customized programs with beautiful music.


It would not be right for out of state classmates to arrive in town without going to Tom's Ice Cream!  Thirteen of us arrived at Tom's.  Every time we arrive there we go back into the fifties.  Nothing has changed!  Love it.


Until we meet again next month on Tuesday, June 10, at 11:30, please stay healthy.


Martha K. Cannon