LUNCH BUNCH - Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Woo Hoo~We had 43 classmates and friends at lunch!  Carl and Becky Factor as well as Tom and Mary Ellen Hale arrived from out of State along with Cindy, Tom and Mary Ellen's daughter.  Cindy worked taking pictures most of the time she was with us!  It was a delight talking with her!  Thank you for the pictures!


Some of our classmates who have not been with us at the lunch for a while were:  Barbara Williamson, Carol Huffman, Lois Havens, Margie McNairy, Nancy Fawcett as well as her friend Carol White, John and JeriSue Power, Denny and Joyce Haddox (Joyce is JeriSue's sister), Melanie Sterling, and Chuck and Sue Gause.  Gwen arrived a little late as she received a phone call from Doug Palmer wanting to talk with some of his classmates at the lunch.  She had to tell him she hadn't even arrived yet!


Thank you, Bill Factor, for giving the blessing.


Gerald announced that the reunion committee is still working on the October 2013 mini-reunion.  We voted to just have it on Friday and Saturday evening.  The committee wants to keep it as simple as possible.  They are looking at the Eagles, and the VFW at the Fairgrounds as possible places for the two events.  Kinsey Tanner announced that the small room at the VFW is $250 on Friday evening, the large room on Saturday evening at $750, and if we have both events there we won't have to pay for the $250 fee on Friday evening.  Kinsey also said that he has everything on DVD including the Farewell to ZHS, the razing of our ZHS, the new ZHS, the last reunion, etc.  Plans will be announced as decisions are made for the mini-reunion.  The committee will be meeting after the lunch today.


Chuck Gause announced that this Saturday on May 12 there is an event called the ZHS Achievement Hall of Fame and they will be honoring our 1955 basketball champs.  It will be held in the ZHS Cafetorium.  The fee is $25.00.  Stan Slack, Doug Palmer, and Chuck Gause are several that will be attending from our class, and will be honored as part of our great basketball team.  Anyone is welcome to attend.


After our hearty meal, we resumed down memory lane.  We learned that Carl and Tom both have had more than nine lives!  We are fortunate to have them with us as tales were told about the two getting in a raft and going over the dam, walking down the huge hill from Putnam Hill Park to Dug Road until they got about half way down and the police started chasing them, Tom going down on his motorcycle riding around a curve at fifty miles per hour onto wet pavement and sliding on top of his cycle until it finally came to a stop, and many more memories of youthful, fun filled days!  John Power said he could tell us many more tales of their youth, but was afraid to discuss them!  What does that mean?  Isn't there a statute of limitations on the maximum time gone by for the arrest of children committing childhood pranks?


Fifteen classmates met after the lunch at Tom's Ice Cream for a tin roof, hot fudge sundae, float, or a milk shake.


What a great class we have!  It was a fun filled day for everyone.


Let us remember that this Sunday is Mother's Day.  Some of you, like Joann Patterson, are fortunate enough to still have your mother with you.  And remember:  "No matter how old a mother is, she watches her middle-aged children for signs of improvement." ~Florida Scott-Maxwell


So just do it!  Have fun.  Be bold.  Challenge yourself no matter your age or aches and pains.  Stand on your own feet.  Live the moment.  Have faith in yourself.


See you next month on Tuesday, June 12 at the Golden Corral at 11:30 AM.


Martha K. Cannon