Lunch Bunch Notes - May 12, 2009

  Twenty three classmates laughed, joked and shared for nearly three hours at Golden Corral today. We were hoping Tom Hale and Carl Factor would be with us in June but travel and business will probably tie them up until fall.

The steering committee reported that the 55th class reunion date has been set for September 13th - 15th 2010 at the "Old Home Place", Bryan's (YWCA) on 6th Street. Holiday Inn is now Ramada Inn, the restaurant is closed and no one knows what it will be like come 2010. Several very nice Motels have been built within two or three blocks of Bryan's recently. More information will be forthcoming from Gwen Moore Curry in January 2010.

Shelby Hina Snelling was sporting a brand new shoulder. She is still in therapy but doing very well.

Snow Birds Sue and Chuck Gause were back from four months at Del Ray Beach, Florida.

Pat and Jim Burkhart also returned from their winter break in Florida.

Carolyn Balog Waite is recovering from a Thyroidectomy. She is still in therapy from her two back surgeries but can finally transfer from her walker in order to drive a short distance. Motorized shopping has given Dick a bit of a break!

Nancy Carter Gildersleeve is losing a lot of weight from Cancer Chemo. Our prayers are with her.

Spring in Ohio has been spectacular this year. With no frost to kill the blossoms and plenty of rain, it looks like the Emerald Isle! For the first time in memory the Magnolia blossoms lasted for nearly four weeks instead of falling off after a day or two following a frost. The beautiful day made it easy for Shirley to remember Donna Frame's admonition in her blessing.

Happy Moments - Praise God!

Difficult Moments - Seek God!

Quite Moments - Worship God!

Painful Moments - Trust God!

Every Moment - Thank God!

P.S. The Steering Committee is asking for obituaries of deceased classmates to be emailed to Martha Kay Roberts Cannon at: ( to be included in our 55th reunion class booklet.

Shirley Smith