We had twenty-four present for lunch at the Golden Corral on this beautiful spring day.  It was nice seeing Barbara Campbell Williams again.  Louise Stoneking Weber had lunch with us for the first time.  She came from Huntsville, OH the night before, and spent the night with her daughter in Newark.  It was great seeing her again and hopefully Barbara and Louise will both be back with us next month.
Gary Maguire came to thank our class for the generous donation we gave for the John D. Sulsberger Memorial Stadium Renovation.  We donated 10% of the money we had which came to $500.  Jean Ross wrote the check for him today.  Shirley is writing an article for the paper.  Gary stated that if any of us as individuals wish to contribute to the ZHS Stadium Renovation Fund to please mail the donation to Zanesville High School, c/o Scott Aronhalt at 1701 Blue Ave, Zanesville, OH 43701 (ZHS Class of 1955).  Make the check payable to ZHS Stadium Renovation Fund.  Gary said our class is always the first for everything.  We were the first to go to the new ZHS, and we were the first to make a class donation.  We have started something.  When the class of 54 and 57 heard we had made a donation, they decided to make a donation also.  Gary continued to thank us for supporting the students, student-athletes and our community by making the donation.
Our class received a thank you note from the Judy Gormley Matchett family for our sympathy and presence at Judy's funeral.
Shirley passed a card around to be signed for David Roberts.  He was having cataract surgery today and we hope to see Sis and Dave next month.
Cornelia could not be with us today since her daughter, Devon, is having disc problems.  Their dog also had stem cell transplants in his joints and is doing well.  We wish them both well.
Jean Ross announced that Bill Factor is very busy, and can't help with the next reunion.  She is asking for help on the committee for our 55th class reunion in 2010.  Anyone interested in being on the committee please contact Jean at 3660 Mellon DR, Zanesville, OH 43701.  Or if you have any ideas or suggestions for our reunion, please contact Jean.
Shirley Smith announced that she is appreciative and thankful for all the cards and encouragement our classmates have given her.  She went back to Zion to be treated for her metastatic cancer.  She stated that God really does answer the "prayers of the righteous" because after only two weeks on this experimental chemotherapy drug, the huge tumor on her shoulder is nearly flat and needs only a very light dressing (a padded Band-Aid) instead of a Depend!  She is trusting that the lungs, neck and three areas on the back are responding likewise.  She states that since we are all praying the cancer killing properties of this drug are multiplied and the side effects are bound, she has only experienced the "scoots" and some fatigue!  This is very encouraging news, so continue to remember Shirley in your prayers.
Gwen Moore Curry led us in the blessing.
We missed getting to talk with Fritzie.  She called from California during the blessing and we were hoping she would call back.  Sorry we missed your call and hope to see you soon, Fritzie!
We will see all of you next month at the Golden Corral on the second Tuesday, June 9, 2008.
Martha K. Cannon