Lunch Bunch March 13, 2007
We had twenty-nine classmates attending the March lunch on a warm and beautiful day!  The February lunch was canceled because of a snow storm with snow continuing to come down through most of February.  Gwen Curry was the only one to brave the storm to arrive for the February lunch.  She now knows when the Zanesville Schools are closed due to bad weather, the lunch bunch is also canceled. 
Bob Ross warned Jean that there was ice outside their door and to be careful.  She was careful, and Bob fell and now has a rotator cuff tear.  The worst part for Bob is that he can't play golf for another three to six months!  Hang in there, Bob!  This too will pass, and you will be back hitting the golf balls once again, hopefully within three months time or sooner.
It was great for Pat and Jim Burkhart that they missed the February snow.  They were in Florida the entire month.  Jim played lots of golf and they both look well tanned and healthy!
It was nice to see Nancy and Harold Fawcett back with our group.  We learned that Harold had a kidney removed, which of course was very stressful to both of them.  We are thankful that Harold is now doing well.  We are also thankful that Sony Hickman Philip's husband, Robert, is continuing to do well.
Our sympathy goes out to Barbara Campbell Williams who lost her daughter, Vicki Dysinger, from a head on car crash.  We signed a card to be sent to her and hope to see her back next month.
We took up a collection for the rose bud that we give to the family of our deceased classmates to give to Shirley Smith.  She has done a wonderful job taking care of this for our class.  Shirley also announced that she sent a rose for the funeral of Ralph Dutro who passed away from Alzheimer Disease.  She stated that she talked with Ralph's family, and they said he quit high school, but later got his GED.  Then he went on to college and earned a Master's Degree in engineering.  His family said that he worked at NASA for several years as an engineer.  Shirley also read to us an article regarding stress and cures to relieve stress.
We were all looking forward to seeing Margie Robinson McNairy, but she didn't make it to this lunch.  She is now in Zanesville and is living in Shirley Smith's family home on Broadview.  Margie is working on her family genealogy, and trying to decide if she is staying in Zanesville permanently.  An interesting fact is that Jennifer Hudson is a distant relative of Margie's.  Jennifer was on American Idol, but was voted down by the people.  She has a beautiful voice and had been singing in church for years.  She decided she was not going to give up on a singing career, got the part as one of the Dream Girls in the movie, won the Oscar for best supporting actress for that movie, and is now on the front cover of Vogue Magazine and many other magazines.  Jennifer credits her grandmother, who raised her and Margie's son-in-law, for encouraging her to sing and realize her dream.  Perseverance really works!  We hope we will see Margie at the next lunch.
Cornelia was recognized as the March birthday girl with a dessert, and the servers gathered together and sang happy birthday to her.
Congratulations to Jane and Bob Caldwell's grandson, Aaron Caldwell, for being a National Merit Scholar.  Way to go Aaron! Jane and Bob also spent the month of February in Florida.  While there, Bob had a very slow heart rate.  When arriving home they called his doctor and he told them to get to Riverside Hospital.  He had a pacemaker placed soon after that, and his heart rate is back to normal, although he is in a lot of pain since they took him off his back pain medicine for the surgery.  We hope Bob continues to do better and wish them well.
Pete Crossland E-mailed Nancy Carter Gildersleeve that his son was going to be playing folk music at a cafe in Frederick, MD.  Nancy went and had an enjoyable time listening to Pete's son play in the cafe.  She stayed after he finished, and they had a wonderful chat together.  Nancy also went to Las Vegas in February with four of her girlfriends who have been going for the last twenty years.  What fun!
It's wondrous what a hug can do.  It can cheer you or say "I love you so," or, "I hate to see you go."  So stretch those arms without delay and give someone a hug today!
We will be looking forward to seeing all of you at the April 10th lunch at the Golden Coral. 
Martha Kay Cannon