Lunch Bunch, March 12, 2013



What a cloudy and gloomy day it was until we arrived at the VFW in Zanesville.  It appeared that we would have a small turnout today, but more and more classmates arrived, until we finally had 25 in all.  A gloomy day doesn't matter at all when you are with friends.


The class of 1953 also had lunch today at the VFW!


Cornelia brought big Saint Patrick Day sugar cookies with green icing and sprinkles!  Thank you Cornelia.  Last month she brought valentine chocolate candy wrapped in foil.


After everyone finished eating, Gwen gave a couple of announcements.  She received a very nice card from Shirley Kelly Brown, which we passed around.  And Gwen read to us an article Shirley sent comparing our bodies with an old car!  What a hoot!  Everyone got such a kick out of it.


Gwen also received a thank you note from Mt. Sterling Food Pantry for the food we donated at Christmas time.


Gwen is wanting a meeting of the mini-class reunion committee so she can get a letter out to everyone for our October 11-12 reunion sometime in April.  Note that I have the wrong dates in the February notes.  This will be a very casual reunion at the VFW on both evenings with appetizers and finger foods on Friday evening, and a buffet on Saturday evening


Connor Lewis very kindly sent me an E-mail to let me know that Bill Thompson had been discharged from Cedar Hills Nursing Facility to home to continue with his physical therapy and recuperation.  Connor had been chatting with Margaret Robinson McNairy, and she had learned that Bill is home.  Stay healthy, Bill!


Marty Tanner continues to have chemotherapy every Tuesday in the Columbus area for her ovarian cancer.  She continues to do well, and is very upbeat.  We all send her our best wishes.


Melanie Sterling said that she went to Jack Humm's 80th birthday party, and visited with Roger Humm!  What a nice time she and Ed had.


After our lunch, Martin and I went to Sterling Suites to visit with Gerald Roberts.  Jean and Bob Ross were already there visiting with him.  Gerald looks amazingly well and has lost 31 pounds!  He is going to have his daughters buy him new clothes that will fit!  He said he cracked his vertebra in two places when he fell, and his surgeon poured what he called "cement" into the cracks to stabilize it.  Gerald is just hoping that this works for him.  This Thursday people from Sterling Suites will be visiting Gerald's home, and Gerald will accompany them.  They will make certain that his home is safe, that he can enter it okay, has the grab bars he needs, and if everything is okay he could be discharged to home on Friday or Saturday.  His brother is going to come and stay with him for a while after he arrives home.  Jean brought Gerald a St Patrick Day cookie as a treat!  We are wishing him well.



1.  Mini-class reunion will be held on Friday and Saturday, October 11 and 12 at the VFW.


2.  If Zanesville City Schools are closed due to bad weather, we will not have lunch. 


3.  I am looking forward to seeing you next month on the second Tuesday, April 9, at the VFW.


Some people try to turn back their odometers.  Not me!  I want people to know WHY I look this way.  I've traveled a long way and some of the roads weren't paved!


Until next time...Martha K. Cannon