Think Spring!  And someone must have!  We had a beautiful, sunny, 74 degree day for 21 classmates to meet for lunch.  And it appears the rest of the week will be more of the same!


We send our sincere sympathy to Donna Swope for the passing of her sister, Nancy, on March 12 at the Willow Haven Care Center.  Donna and Paul will arrive in Zanesville on Wednesday.


We also send our sympathy to Glenn McCutcheon regarding the loss of his brother, Joe.  His funeral was yesterday.


Cornelia was unable to be with us today because she is having cardiac rehab on Tuesday.  She will be back with us soon.


Sondra Philip recently had total knee replacement.  We wish her a speedy recovery, and hope to see her next month.


Gerald Roberts recently got out of the hospital due to a lung infection and breathing problems.  He was on oxygen 24/7, but is now only using it at night.  We wish him a speedy recovery.


Tom Hale, and possibly Mary Ellen and Tom's daughter, Cindy, will be at our May lunch.  Also, Carl and Becky Factor will be at the May lunch.  We hope to see a big turnout now that our mild winter is over.


Joann Patterson brought her 92 year old mother with her today.  Her mom is amazing and appears to be doing great!


Gwen Curry gave the blessing.  The eating and chatting began.


Melanie and Ed Sterling attended today's lunch as well as Carolyn Lanning, Sue and Chuck Gause, and Sue and Jerry Richardson.  Others attending were Donna and Mike Iden, Shelby Snelling, Delores and David Roberts, Martha Pettry, and Maryanna Fenton. Martin and I left around 2:15 and left the others to continue socializing.


Live simply, speak kindly, care deeply, and love generously until we meet again on the second Tuesday in April at 11:30 AM at the Golden Corral.


Martha K. Cannon