LUNCH BUNCH, March 8, 2011


St. Patrick's Day is an enchanted time - a day to begin transforming winter's dreams into summer's magic. ~Adrienne Cook


Today the summer's magic has begun with sunny skies and 56 degree weather for all of us to enjoy!  We had sixteen classmates at lunch today.


We signed cards for three classmates. 


Sue Richardson is having some complications from her left upper lung removal with infection.  She is on antibiotics and has a drain in her back to release the infection.  She will be having a repeat scan on March 24.  Sue says "hello" to all of us, and can't wait to return to the lunches.


Bob Ross had a blood clot in his lung and was admitted to the hospital yesterday.  Jean said he was ready to go home an hour after he was admitted, but no release yet.


Roger McGlade had a total knee replacement yesterday in Columbus.


Carolyn Waite is having problems with high blood pressure.  She is on seven different BP medications and they still don't have it under control.  She says "hi" to everyone.


Gerald Roberts will be admitted to Good Samaritan Hospital in Zanesville to have one heart stent placed this coming Friday.


We are wishing all of our friends a speedy recovery.


Martha Pettry was in the hospital for atrial fibrillation and was with us today.  She says she is now on heart medications and is feeling better than ever.


Kinsey Tanner said that is wife, Marty, is doing great.  Her ovarian cancer numbers are staying good, and she is feeling fantastic.


JoAnn Cooper Patterson is leaving on March 17 for Naples Florida with her daughter's family.  We hope she has a relaxing and sunny vacation.


Tom and Mary Ellen Hale, and Carl and Becky Factor will be at the April 12 lunch bunch.  They hope everyone will be at the lunch for a nice visit.  Tom and Mary Ellen's daughter, Cindy, may also come.  Tom said, "We still have snow on the ground here in Michigan, and are still skiing. We may set a personal record for the number of times skiing in a season."  Way to go Tom and Mary Ellen!


Jean Ross, our treasurer, will pay Gwen for all of the mailings she has sent out for our reunion.  We appreciate all the work that Jean and Gwen have done for our class.


Gerald announced again that the principle from the high school came last month to ask us for a donation.  He mentioned several needs the school has.  

1.  A fountain.  It would probably be too expensive and there was concern about  the upkeep.


2.  A wall on the inside of the school for outstanding students plaques.


3.  The tennis courts need trees, shrubs, and benches.


We will decide at a later date what we want to do to help.


Gwen led us in the blessing, and then the eating and chatting began ending around 2 PM.


 Remember to Spring your clocks ahead this weekend!  I'm looking forward to seeing all of you on Tuesday, April 12, at 11:30 AM at the Golden Corral.  And remember that one kind word can warm three winter months.


For each petal on the shamrock

This brings a wish your way -

Good health, good luck, and happiness

For today and every day.


Martha K. Cannon