It was a beautiful winter wonderland over the weekend.  Children and adults were sled riding, building snowmen, throwing snowballs, and cross country skiing on the jogging and biking trails in the Columbus area.  The twenty inches of snow DID make work for many who were shoveling and blowing the snow off driveways and sidewalks.  But our neighbors were helping each other and having a great time being outside in the snow.  No school in the Columbus area on Monday, but everyone was back to work and school on Tuesday.  We haven't seen this much snow since the storm of 1978!
Today we had nineteen classmates present at the Golden Corral on a sunny, and much warmer day of 45 degrees.
Shirley Holdren Smith shared with us that Bill Thompson had open heart surgery with one blockage (was told that there were four), and he also had repair of an aneurysm at the Cleveland Clinic.  He had to wait one week as an inpatient before they were able to get his surgery done, but Bill is doing well and feeling young and vigorous again.  We all signed a card to be sent to him and continue to wish him well.
Dave Roberts shared with us that he also had surgery with the placement of a defibrillator.  He is back to his humorous self, and making us all laugh at his jokes and antics.
Sandy Geyer Miller sent a newsletter to Shelby Hina Snelling that she shared with us.  Sandy had several pages with fantastic pictures in her newsletter, and information about what she and her family have been up to.  There was a stunning picture of Sandy in the 1960s, and pictures of Morro Bay and Pacific Grove where they vacationed in California.
Martha Elliott Pettry showed us a darling picture of her new great granddaughter.  She was visiting them in Myrtle Beach and missed the snow storm. 
Jane and Bob Caldwell are in Florida until the week before Easter, and they also missed the snow storm of the year.  Sue and Jerry Richardson left this week for Florida.  Barbara and Kent Williamson should be arriving home from Arizona soon.  We hope they all have a warm and sunny vacation.
Judy Ann Gormley Matchett passed away on January 25.  There were sixteen of our classmates present at her funeral in Coshocton, OH.  Her daughters were handing out bookmarks in memory of Judy with a heart on the top of it.  When you remove the heart from the "Memories Bookmark," and plant the heart in your garden, wildflowers will blossom in memory of Judy.  The bookmark had a lovely poem printed on it titled "When I Must Leave You."  Judy will be missed by many of us.
More recently Carlos Beatty passed away.  His wife is Joyce Wilcox who was one year behind our class.  Shirley said that Joyce shared with her that Carlos woke her up early in the morning to remind her to take her pills.  Two hours later she found he had passed away in his sleep.  Joyce wanted everyone to know that he went quickly and peacefully.  As always, Shirley had a bud vase with a rose from our class at his funeral.
A plate was passed for donations for Shirley to continue the tradition of sending cards and flowers for our classmates.
John Power and Bill Factor are both working on raising money for the new Zanesville High Athletic Stadium.  It was recommended by Marty Cannon and seconded by Gerald Roberts that our class give a donation.  Jean Beale Ross stated that our class has plenty of money, and it was decided to give not more than one-tenth of what we have left.
Shirley shared with us that her daughter, Danielle who is 44 years old, had a laparoscopic hysterectomy four weeks ago for cancer of the uterus.  In three days she was feeling well and back to normal.  The surgeon stated that he probably got all of the cancer, and she probably won't need chemo.  So they are anxiously waiting on the pathology report which they should receive on the 23rd of this month.  In comparison, when Shirley had her hysterectomy for cancer she was 42 years old, had a huge incision and a recuperation period of more than six weeks!  That is just one of the many amazing things that has improved in our life time.  As soon as Shirley knows that Danielle is okay, Shirley will go back to Zion to get aggressive radiation treatment for her metastatic cancer.  Please keep Shirley and Danielle in your thoughts and prayers.
Shirley led us in the blessing.
Then the food was devoured, and the stories started.
Several of us "girls" decided that in our next life we want to come back as a bear.  When you're a bear, you get to hibernate.  You do nothing but sleep for six months.  I could deal with that.  Before you hibernate, you're supposed to eat yourself stupid!  I could deal with that too.
When you're a girl bear, you birth your children (who are the size of walnuts) while you're sleeping and wake to partially grown, cute, cuddly cubs.  I could definitely deal with that.
If you're mamma bear, everyone knows you mean business.  You swat anyone who bothers your cubs.  If your cubs get out of line, you swat them too.  I could deal with that.
If you're a girl bear, your mate EXPECTS you to wake up growling.  He EXPECTS that you will have hairy legs and excess body fat.
Yup, we're all gonna be bears!
See you next month at the Golden Corral on Tuesday, April 8 at 11:30 AM.
Martha K. Cannon