LUNCH BUNCH, June 14, 2016

We have another beautiful day for lunch with 22 classmates and friends!

Bill Factor very kindly gave the blessing today.  He shared with us that he has been sober now for 32 years!  He said he was so bad he was in rehab for four months.  This is an illness none of us wants.  He said he had the house of his dreams, a Mercedes in the garage, a very successful business, and was still unhappy.  Now he is sober, and has his priorities straight!  Congratulations, Bill!
And thanks for sharing your story with us.

Please remember in your thoughts and prayers the following:
1- Bill Rushay was unable to be present today due to his appointment for a full body cancer check.  He had a cancerous kidney removed, and this is to make certain there is no more cancer.  Marlene and Bill should make it back next month.

2- Mary Smith White had part of her colon removed due to cancer.  She says she is cancer free.  We pray she remains well.

3- Sue Richardson has debilitating rheumatoid arthritis.  Her hands are the worst, but now it is in her ankles, knees, and hips.  She will also have another check on the spot in her lung.

4- We got word today that Sandy Geyer Miller is not doing well.  She does not know what is wrong, but is being checked.

5- Sonnie Philip had triple bypass surgery two weeks ago.  She was almost 100% occluded in all three arteries.  She is now rehabbing at Sterling Suites on Adair Ave.  Martin and I stopped by for a short visit with her and she is doing well.  She says she is in no pain, and is just taking medicine for anxiety.  She hopes she is able to make it back for the lunch next month!

6- Martha Pettry took her granddaughter to grandparents camp last week and got heat exhaustion.  She is still feeling the effects of it.  Rachel and she had a fun time at camp regardless.  Martha also shared that Chuck just got home from a fishing trip in Canada with eleven of his buddies.

 7- My heart is breaking for the horrible, senseless tragedy that occurred in Orlando this weekend.  It was a sad, sad day.  It is difficult to stop thinking about the victims, families, their friends and families, and a community that will never be the same.  Please send healing prayers for all of the above.

Cicadas have emerged from the ground after 17 years and are singing their song.  I could hear them at Cornelia's home in Zanesville, and they were much louder on Adair at the Sterling Suites!  After mating the females lay rice size eggs in branches of trees.  When the babies emerge they go under ground and will be back with their song in 2033.  Two to four weeks after emerging, the adult cicadas die.  Thank goodness we do not have any in Westerville!  In some parts of the world, the cicadas are thought to bring good luck.

How nice to see David Wohl on The Kelly Files with Megyn Kelly in San Diego once again.  David seems to be a regular on the 10TV show quite often.  Fritzie, Ian, Jacob Wohl, and Jordan Wohl were all present in the audience for the show too.  Fritzie and her handsome son, David, who is an attorney, had their picture taken after the show with Megyn Kelly.  We need that picture for our Web site.

What a nice surprise to see Donna Fulton VanMeter at the lunch today!  She looks amazingly well and brought her 12 year old granddaughter (Chloe) with her.  Donna is still working 40 hours per week, and wants to work until she is 80!  I do believe she will make it.  It took them five hours to make the trip from her home in Kokomo, Indiana yesterday.  They spent the night with a friend, and drove home after our lunch.  Thanks so much for coming, Donna.

Another surprise was seeing Gwen Curry Downing and Jack today.  They are here for four weeks, then returning to Florida.  Then they will return for seven weeks, and spend the winter in Florida.  So we will get to see them again soon.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you next month (July 12).  Have a very happy Fourth of July.

Why can't we all just get along and be tolerant of one another?  What is the point of these senseless killings?  Why can't we ban assault weapons used in the military from our society?  Even Ronald Reagan tried to ban them!

Martha K. Cannon