LUNCH BUNCH, June 11, 2013




We had 24 classmates and friends present on this beautiful summer day!  We were fortunate to have out of state classmates Carl and Becky Factor arrive from Westfield, NJ, and Tom and Mary Ellen Hale from Shelby Twnp, MI.  Thanks to you for making the long trip to visit with us today. 


Today we had a group on the other side of our dining area and I noted someone familiar looking.   I asked him his name and he said "Fred Barwick".  I told him that his classmates were on the other side and he said he had married a girl from Rosecrans and the group he was having lunch with is the class of 1958 from there.  He got to visit with both classes!


Today Sue and Chuck Gause were back from Florida.  They spent 3 1/2 months in Florida with their daughter this winter, and had a great time.  Jim and Pat Burkhart arrived back from Florida last month.


Gerald Roberts wanted to be at the lunch today, but was having breathing problems so could not make it.  We hope to see him next month. 


Barbara Baughman Williamson and her husband sold their home of 44 years and are moving into a condo.  So she was busy packing and unable to make it today.  They move on the 25th of June, and leave on the 27th of June for a trip to Seattle and then on to Alaska.  They will be ready for a vacation!


Ruth Ann Coulson is getting along well since her hysterectomy.


Shelby Hina Snelling was present today.  She had a total knee replacement last month.  It was good to see her today and she got along very well.  Now she is working on her vertigo problem.


Sondra Hickman had an MRI scan of her left shoulder this AM.  She is hoping it will show why she is having so much pain in that area.  Their alarm clock was set wrong, and they arrived for her scan at 5:30 instead of 6:30 AM!


Please keep all of the above in your thoughts and prayers as well as Marty Tanner and Carolyn Waite.


Tom Hale told me he had added on the WEB site Fritzie Urquhart's 2013 art project which is a painted Maypole Sculpture.  Fritzie, to my knowledge, is the most creative classmate we have.  Go to our WEB site (, click on photos, and then click on "Fritzie's Art Projects".  She has done some amazing work.


Don't forget to put on your calendar our mini-reunion date on October 11 and 12 which will be held at 1318 Putnam Ave at the VFW.


A group of us then went to Tom's Ice Cream Bowl with the Factors and Hales.  Roger and Carol McGlade also joined us.  A good time was had by all.


I will see all of you next month on July 9 at the VFW at 11:30 AM.


If you want to be successful and happy, it is just this simple.  Know what you are doing.  Love what you are doing.  And believe in what you are doing. ~Will Rogers


Martha K. Cannon