Lunch bunch - June 14, 2011


We had a small group of 13 present on this beautiful, cool day. 


We hope to have a larger group present next month to help make a decision on a proposal the Principal of the high school has asked us to consider.  Kinsey Tanner will ask the Principal to draw up plans with the size and price of the National Merit Scholarship Achievement Board made out of tongue-in-groove oak to be placed just inside of the main entrance on the right side.  The names of anyone receiving a Merit Scholarship award since 1957 will be placed on the board.  They have no records before 1957 who received this award.  He estimates it will cost around $500.  Since we are not certain of the amount of money we have, and the outstanding bills to be paid from our last class reunion, it was tabled for this month.


The vase from Heritage Stoneware of Crooksville,,  that was glazed with a hand painted view of our high school on one side and a Blue Devils Icon on the other side with the message, "Final Farewell, May 22, 2010" has been finished.  Gerald brought the vase in for the lunch bunch group to see today.  This vase can be purchased for $165.00 by contacting Paul Slack, class of 1956, phone 740-849-2467. The Lunch Bunch group voted and approved the purchase of one to give to the new High School for display there at the April lunch.  Gerald is having a wood holder made, and a brass plate will go on it.


It was nice having Bill Factor present at our lunch today.  We missed Pat and Jim Burkhart who are spending a fun month at Myrtle Beach.


Martha Pettry reported that she had some excitement since the last lunch.  She was having difficulty with severe tiredness needing 3-4 hours of sleep during the day, heaviness in the middle of her chest, and shortness of breath.  When visiting with her brother Dr. Phil Elliot he told her to get to a doctor.  She had a cardiac cath showing two vessels were blocked and had two stents put in 10 days ago.  And here she is at the lunch feeling much better!   


The reunion committee is going to meet to make a decision about having a downsized reunion in three years.  Gwen got a letter out to everyone about our 2010 reunion, and you can see how rewarding it was to get together.  Thank you Gwen for all of your work.


Gwen very kindly gave the blessing and then the gabbing and eating began.


We would love to have you join us on Tuesday July 12.  We always meet at the Golden Corral at 11:30 AM except for the month of December.  We have such a great time together, so don't miss out on the fun.


Martha K. Cannon