Lunch Bunch - June 2009

There were 14 classmates that showed up for the June luncheon.  Gerald Roberts was the lone male.  He was loving it.  Joan Cooper Patterson and her mother came for lunch too.  Her mother is so cute and spry.  We had an enjoyable time with each other as well as a delicious meal.  Overate as usual.   Cornelia said the blessing.  A surprise guest came after lunch - Chuck Pettry.  Seems his wife shamed him into coming.

In Shirley's absence, Sonie Phillips was in charge of talking about the classmates that were having personal problems. Unfortunately Shirley is quite ill.  She has cancer in both lungs and rings on her liver.  Her lungs are filled with fluid, and she will be having the fluid taken off her on Thursday.  A friend is taking her to Case Western in the Cleveland on Monday.  Martha Kay talked with her on Monday evening.  Shirley told her she has more work to do here and is not ready to go yet.  Let us all pray for her.  She has always been an inspiration to all of us.
We signed a card for Gwen Moore Curry.  Her husband passed away a few days ago.  Several of us went to see her at her Church after lunch today during visiting hours.  The class sent her a red rose.
Cards were signed for Carol Bryan, who lost her son in an automobile accident last week, Donna and Paul Swope, whose brother died last week. and Nancy Carter Gildersleeve who also has fluid on her lungs.  Keep them all in your prayers.
Hopefully next month we won't have such sad news.
I found this in a daily prayer book and thought it was appropriate for all of us, but especially for those that having difficulties.
Thank You, Lord, that You provide strength to bear whatever the day may bring. Amen.
Martha Elliott Pettry