We had twenty-seven present for lunch at the Golden Corral, and what a great time we had.  After storms last night, today turned out to be a beautiful day.  We were glad to see Nancy Carter Gildersleeve who drove from Frederick, MD, and has been staying with Jane Peugh Caldwell this week.  Oh, for less expensive gas when you make trips like this!  Nancy has a new little grandson, and she came with darling pictures to share of all her grandchildren.  
We were also happy to see Donna Smith Iden, Barbara Campbell Williams and her daughter-in-law, Fannie Bell, and Melanie Schultheis Sterling.  Most of our faithful classmates were in attendance today.
We learned that Donna Smith Iden is sewing purses and selling them in Amish Country!  She was carrying one today and it is made out of blue jeans.  The one she had today was about a size 8, was off white with a wide pink ribbon where the belt would go and the back pockets looking very useable for a cell phone or lip gloss, etc.  Later, Melanie Schultheis Sterling gave Jean Beale Ross a purse as a gift that she had made.  It was just as beautiful as the one that Donna showed us, but completely different.  Martha Elliott Pettry is into making beautiful quilts.  We have some very talented women in our class, and they are keeping very busy. 
Jean Ross said that Bob is playing golf AGAIN today, and her golf game was canceled early this morning, so she came to lunch instead.  Jean had to leave around 1:30 to feed her three cats, dog and rabbit!
Gerald Roberts is attending ALL of his grandsons baseball games, soccer, and basketball games, so we know he is staying very busy.
David Roberts had cataract surgery last month.  He saw all our wrinkles, white hair, and had a difficult time recognizing some of us since he is seeing us very clearly for the first time in a while!  He was probably saying to himself "who are all of these old people?"
Barbara Baughman Williamson showed us pictures of her grandson graduating from, get this, preschool!  He had on a cap and gown and was the showman in his class.  In every picture he was either waving or throwing his fist in the air as a show of victory in completing the curriculum for graduating from "preschool."
Cornelia was unable to attend today's lunch as her daughter, Devon, is having cervical spine surgery.  Please keep Devon and her family in your prayers.  We are hoping she does well.
We keep telling lies that Tom Hale, Carl Factor and Fritzie Levison Urquhart are going to be at our lunch, and we believe that July is going to be the real month.  We are counting on seeing them on July 8 at our next lunch and hope to have dinner that evening with them also.
Gloria Warner Poynter wanted to be with us, but she had to attend a grandchild's "preschool graduation" today.  Jane and Bob Caldwell, Barb Williamson, Martha Kay Cannon, Nancy Gildersleeve and Joann Patterson are meeting Gloria and Norm for dinner tomorrow evening.
Our inspirational leader was back with us today.  Shirley Holdren Smith had her appointment at Zion on May 29 to see if Sutent, the experimental chemotherapy she is taking orally, is helping her.  She drove the 12 hours with a friend and now realizes that she is unable to make that drive again.  The side effects of the therapy for her causes tiredness, so she has already obtained a ticket to fly for her next appointment on July 26.  After using this experimental chemotherapy drug, the huge tumor on her shoulder is still flat, and she is just using a Band-Aid on it instead of a Depend.  The physicians told her that she can count on the tumors in her lungs to be responding to the treatment as well.  She will have an MRI scan of the lungs next month, and to keep this in mind when praying for her.  She thanked all of us for our prayers.  She spoke to us about her optimism of healing, and the positive thoughts and messages of healing she tells herself on a daily basis.  She asked us to continue our prayer and positive healing thoughts for her.  She can count on us to do that.
Shirley led us in the blessing. 
And then the fun started.
I hope to see all of you next month at the Golden Corral on Tuesday, July 8, 2008.
And remember, the happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have.
Martha K. Roberts Cannon