Lunch Bunch notes for July 14, 2015



We had 16 classmates and friends present for lunch on this cloudy day.  It was 80 degrees when we left for home, and dropped down to 68 when driving in the rain.  The last 30 minutes of our drive home, we had a huge downpour of rain causing visibility problems,and drove the rest of the way on the interstate at 20 MPH.  We were very happy to arrive home.


Bill Factor very kindly gave the blessing.  And then the chatter began once again.


We were entertained by stories from Bill Rushay, Martha Pettry, and Anita Coffey.


Please keep these classmates and friends in your thoughts and prayers:


Marty Tanner.  She is finishing up her last chemo pills, and her Oncologist said she does not need to return until October.  Kinsey reported today that it will be six years this November since she has had ovarian cancer.  He also remarked at how amazingly well she has done.


Bob Ross.  Bob had a fall in the bathtub and reinjured his injured shoulder.


Donna Swope.  Donna is recuperating from her fall with a broken arm and broken bone in her foot.


We want to wish them all well.


Sandy Geyer called me from Altadena, CA, and said she has three large three ring binders all filled with the class of 1955 memorabilia.  She is bringing an extra suitcase when she comes to the reunion with the binders, and will not be taking them back.  She did contact the library, and they said they would be interested in placing the binders with our Comus on the library shelf.  We will see if Tom Hale needs any of it for our WEB site, and will see to it that they get to the library for safe keeping.


Please note under News on the WEB site Fritzie's latest Sculpture Project which was installed in downtown Palm Desert.  She does amazing work.


Also, please note Tom Hale's new Mission Oaks Gardens Photos.  These are absolutely beautiful Zanesville garden photos.


Everyone should have received their 60th Year Reunion packet in the mail.  Please note that the Comfort Inn is not giving a discounted rate.  Only Fairfield Inn will give us a discount if you tell them you are with our class.  They all give a discount for seniors!


Fairfield Inn $89.

Baymont Inn $100.

Comfort Inn $120.

Hampton Inn $129.

Holiday Inn Express $133-$137.


Anita Coffey is Chairman of Registration and still needs volunteers to help her.


Donna Iden is Chairman in charge of decorations, and she also needs help.


Please call me, Martha K. Cannon, at 614-890-9948 if you are able to volunteer.


Gwen Downing has done another fabulous job on our reunion packet.  Thank you, Gwen.


We said our goodbyes around 1:30, and will plan on seeing you on August 11 at the Golden Corral.


"Ah, being young is beautiful, but being old is so comfortable."


Martha K. Cannon