LUNCH BUNCH - July 12, 2011


There were 17 classmates present on this beautiful sunny day. 


The notes are late because I didn't get them to our Webmaster, Tom Hale, until Saturday.  Also Tom and Mary Ellen went to Chicago for a presentation of a CD album by their granddaughter's boyfriend.  He is turning pro after graduating with a degree in music (guitar), very good singing voice, and writes his own songs.  Tom said they had a great time in Chicago.  The CD presentation went very well and it was an entertaining night with 3 other bands besides granddaughter's boyfriend playing, and he played in one of the bands also. 


Cornelia very kindly took notes for me since I was unable to attend.  Thank you, Cornelia.


It was a nice surprise to have Mary White at the lunch from Clearwater, Fl/  She is in the area visiting with her daughter.  I'm sorry I missed visiting with her.  Also Sue and Chuck Gause, Jean Ross, Gwen Curry, Joann Patterson, her 92 year old mother and all our faithful classmates were present.  Bob Ross was playing golf today.


Mary White gave the blessing.


After eating and chatting for a while, Gerald Roberts made some announcements.  He discussed that they were trying to get Greg Waite to finish the books with the photos as soon as possible.


The reunion committee is going to try and have their first meeting for a mini-reunion before our August LB at the Golden Corral.


Gerald gave us the sad news that Kinsey Tanner's wife Marty is back on chemo as her cancer has returned.  Please keep the Tanner family in your prayers.


Then the talking and reminiscing began.


I hope to see all of you at the August 9 LB, 11:30, at the Golden Corral.


As Will Rogers used to say, never miss a good chance to shut up, so I am going to shut up!


Notes by Cornelia Ferguson

Transcribed by Martha K. Cannon