There were sixteen present at the lunch today.  I was unable to make it, so Cornelia Ferguson very graciously said that she would take notes, and give them to me over the phone.  Thank you Cornelia!


Three of the committee for our class reunion were present today.  Gerald Roberts, Jean Ross, and Kinsey Tanner all stated that we have only five people playing golf, and we need a minimum of fifteen to play at the Country Club.  It is still early, and hopefully we will get the fifteen needed in order to play. 


Gerald announced that the Sunday brunch for the reunion is $16/person, not per couple.  A couple staying for brunch would need to pay $32.00.  Several people have sent in $16 for two people, so it must not be that clear on the reunion letter.


Also, Kinsey has reserved a block of rooms at the new Holiday Inn Express, Phone #1-877-859-5095.  It is located at 1101 Spring Street off Underwood Street.  Cornelia does not have any information on prices.


We regretted to learn that our classmate James L. Mathews has passed away.  Gerald passed a sympathy card around for everyone to sign for his wife Katherine (Kathy) Bolin Mathews.  Our sympathy is extended to his wife and family members.


Sue and Chuck Gause were present today.  Sue said that she needs foot surgery and will be checking on a time for her to have it done soon.  She is hoping it will not interfere with coming to the class reunion.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her.


JoAnn Patterson is doing well after her partial removal of a lobe of her lung from cancer.  She is returning back to work for two days per week, and will get back to her normal work hours when she is able.  Cornelia, Barb Williamson, and Martha K. Cannon had lunch with her at La Chatelaine last week, a French Restaurant with all kinds of delicious fattening foods.  We had a fabulous time!


Kinsey Tanner gave a report on his wife, Marty, who has ovarian cancer.  She is doing well and is in a research program for one year at the Ovarian Cancer Research Center in Hilliard, OH.  She has been in the program for four months.  Her blood test remains good.  Her doctors all say she was in good health when ovarian cancer was discovered, which is very helpful.  We wish her well, and hope she continues to do well in the program.


Cornelia talked with Ruth Ann Gregg Sweeny.  She was in the class behind us and lives in Dublin, OH.  She is doing volunteer work once per week on Tuesdays at the new hospital in Dublin, or she would be coming to our lunch bunch!  Ruth Ann keeps up with our WEB site.  She actually sent some old clippings from the Times Recorder that Charles Stebbins sent to her on to Tom Hale, and Tom has put them on our WEB site.  Thank you Ruth Ann, and we hope you can get to our lunch sometime soon.


Margaret Robinson McNairy gave the blessing.  It should be noted that Margie has been working on her genealogy for some time.  Several months back there was a full page article in the Times Recorder about her endeavor to find her family members.


And then food, fun, and reminiscing started.


I hope to see all of you at the next lunch on Tuesday, August 10 at 11:30 at the Golden Corral. 


Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.  ~Alexander Hamilton


Notes by Cornelia Ferguson.  Transcribed by Martha K. Cannon