Lunch Bunch Notes - July 14, 2009
Twenty of us met on the 14th of July at the usual destination, and were concerned to find out that Shirley Smith has not been improving at all.  Many of us have stayed in touch with her recently and do not have any good news to report.  So keep praying for her and her family.
Gwen gave the blessing.  We prayed for Shirley and we all signed a card.  Gwen's granddaughter, Elya, is staying with her this summer until she goes back to college and she is a great comfort to Gwen.  Elya attended our lunch today. 
David Roberts shared some of Stanley Slack's vintage photos that Stanley sent along with a nice note.  Stanley's wife Wanda is improving, but can only move her arms.  They have a special wheelchair to assist her and will visit soon.
It was very nice to have Carol Lanning bring her husband today, and he is doing very well now.
We also would like to share with you that Jane Peugh Caldwell and Bob's 50th wedding anniversary party was on Saturday the 11th.  It was a truly lovely event hosted at their daughter Lisa's home.  Jane said she would send pictures to Tom for the Web site.
We hope to see more of you at the next lunch at the Golden Corral on Tuesday, August 11.
Cornelia Bridges Ferguson