In the excitement of seeing everyone today, I forgot to count how many classmates were present.  But we had a nice sized group and were happy to have two out of state classmates. 
Tom Hale arrived on Monday from Michigan to stay with a cousin, and came to the lunch.  He is working on his family genealogy, and tramped through some cemeteries while here finding several family grave sites.  Tom is still biking most days, and in the winter months is still going cross country skiing.  That must be why he is looking so healthy.  In May he was at Disney World for an entire week with his son, daughter-in-law and three grandchildren. 
Fritzie Levison Urquhart flew in from Carlsbad, CA, and attended the lunch. She brought her 95 year-old mother and we had a nice visit with her also.   Check out our WEB site at , and under photos you will see Fritzie's Wall Sculpture, "Pieces of the Puzzle" displayed at Oceanside Museum of Art.  It sold to Cal State University.  Also her Maypole sculpture is installed at a new site, Scripps Memorial Hospital in Encinitas, CA. She is now working on her next sculptures which will be displayed in an out door park, which will be relevant to the childhood games we used to play (such as hide and seek, kick the can, etc.). These sculptures will be made of wood, and steel.  She will let us know when you can view her latest work at her WEB site. 
Carl and Becky Factor were planning on being at our lunch this month, but it turned out to be a bad time for them to come.  We hope to see them sometime in the fall.
Linda Achauer Steer and her husband, Roland, attended today's lunch.   Linda had a pacemaker placed on Monday, and she came to the lunch a little sore, but doing well.  On Wednesday of this week her husband will have a valve replacement at The Cleveland Clinic.  He has already had bypass surgery and pacemaker placement.  We are wishing them both a healthy life after their surgery.
Shirley read a card to us she received from Donna Frame Swope.  We were sorry that Donna and Paul couldn't make it for this lunch, but they will be in town next week visiting family.
Shirley shared with us from a book a little about ageless, eternal, divine beings and how optimism helps with our spiritual and physical well being.  It has certainly helped Shirley with her chronic medical problem along with her intelligent seeking of new ways to improve her condition. 
She then led us in the blessing.
We visited and ate until 3 PM.  Then several of us went to Tom's Ice Cream Bowl for tin roofs and hot fudge sundae's.  Yummy.  After that we met with eleven classmates at the Old Market House Inn for a delicious dinner and more chatting.
Cornelia and Bill arrived late at the Old Market House Inn as the battery on their car had died.  They ended up driving the beige 1968 Cadillac that Cornelia's father had left for them.  What a beauty it is!  It looks like it is a mile long.  When they received it from her father there was only 8000 miles on it, and they haven't put many more on it.  You can view a picture of Cornelia's baby blue Cadillac that she received as a graduation gift on our WEB site under photos.
Martin and I arrived home in Westerville at 10 PM weighing at least five pounds heavier than when we left this morning!  But we had a great time.
I noted in a magazine that the statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans is suffering from SOME form of mental illness.  Think of your three best friends.  If they are okay, then it's you!
And remember, children seldom misquote you.  In fact, they usually repeat word for word what you shouldn't have said.
We hope to see all of you on August 12 at the Golden Corral.
Martha K. Roberts Cannon