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ZHS Class of 1955
Lunch Bunch

July 10, 2012, Lunch Bunch

 What a nice surprise to hear that Donna Fulton Vanmeter, and her husband, Roger attended the lunch today!  They drove from their home in Indiana this morning and were going to drive back home after the lunch.  I'm sorry I missed seeing them.

 I was unable to attend today, and Martha Pettry very kindly shared the lunch news on this sunny, pleasant day.  There were fifteen present.

 Chuck Gause showed pictures from the Hall of Fame ceremony in May.  The 1955 boys basketball state champs were honored.  Stanley Slack came to the ceremony from Myrtle Beach.  Chuck said Stanley has happily remarried.  Stanley and his wife were very good friends with another couple.  Chuck said they did everything together.  The husband had passed away and Stanley married the wife.  Everyone is very happy for both of them!

 Sue Rittberger McCullough was in town for her sister's 80th birthday celebration.  She was unable to attend the lunch since she was meeting with some of her Muskingum University classmates, including Cornelia who also graduated from Muskingum, for lunch.  Sue did call and talk with some of our classmates while in town.

 Martha said they discussed the storm and who had power and who did not.  Chuck and Martha were without power for two days, but were fortunate that they did not have any damage.

 In the TV news, it was noted that Zanesville, Cambridge, and Newark were the last ones to get their power back.  My brother, Bob Roberts, who lives in Cambridge finally got his power back on Sunday, July 8.  That was 9 days without power, and a very hot house.

 As the group were leaving, Martha said she talked with Kinsey Tanner.  He told her that we will meet at the VFW both Friday and Saturday nights in October of 2013 for our mini-reunion.

 It sounds like everyone had a delightful time. 

 Thank you Martha for sharing.  I hope to see all of you on Tuesday, August 14 at the Golden Corral for our next lunch.

 "He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has." ~ Epictetus

 Martha K. Cannon