January 8, 2013, Lunch Bunch Notes


What a beautiful day we had for our lunch.  It felt like 60 degrees out, but was really only about 47.  We will have a big warm-up the rest of the week melting all the snow.  Today we had nineteen classmates and friends at our lunch at the VFW.


Gerald announced that our mini-class reunion will be October 11 and 12, Friday and Saturday.  There is nothing planned for Sunday, so it will be a two day event.  It will be held at the VFW where we are having our lunch bunch meetings.  We were not told the plan for Friday evening, so more to come later.  At least you can get the date on your calendar and make plans on attending.


Gerald brought a sympathy card to sign for Donna VanMeter.  Her husband, Roger, passed away on December, 18.  He had been in bad health for some time.  Donna's address is: 2335 S 600 W, Russiaville, IN  46979 in case you would like to send her a sympathy card. 


As we told you last month, Marty Tanner is back on chemo again for her ovarian cancer.  You may send a card to her home address at:  6140 Pinecrest Dr, Zanesville, OH 43701.  Kinsey said she is in a very upbeat mood and is not letting this setback get her down.  He said, "She is amazing."


I brought a get well card for everyone to sign for Nelson (Sonny) Lanning.  Carolyn said that he had aortic valve replacement last Friday, and they did not do the bypass they had planned on doing.  She was able to see him yesterday, and said the nurses and doctors said he is doing well.  Carolyn would like prayers for Sonny.  Carolyn and Nelson's address is:  1590 Nob Hill Rd, Zanesville, OH  43701.


Bill Thompson blacked out when driving, and ran into a car breaking his hip.  He is in a nursing home, and Jim Burkhart said he is, of course, not very happy about that.  His address is Cedar Hill Care Center, 1136 Adair Ave; Room 209, Zanesville, OH 43701.  Please send Bill a card to cheer him up.


Ruthanne Coulson had an appendectomy on Christmas Eve.  She is finally out of the hospital and is now home, but cards would be nice for her also.  Home address is:  7260 Rose Hill Road, Roseville, OH  43777.


Today was the first time for our lunch at the VFW.  We ate in the bar/dining area.  All the tables are round seating about 8 people.  We put three of the tables together today, but it didn't work out that great.  Danny, the manager, said next month we can use the big private dinning area.  We will all order at the bar, go in and sit down, and our food will be brought to us.  We will pay at the bar as we leave.  It should be quieter in that area and we will have our own space.


So take note, that we will be meeting at the VFW from now on.  It is located on Moxahala which runs parallel to Putnam Ave.  It is located on the East (river) side of Putnam.  We will be meeting at 11:30 as usual.  No one had trouble finding us today. 


Please remember, if the schools are closed for bad weather, there will be no lunch bunch.


Stay warm and stay well.

Martha K. Cannon