The Arctic blast continues, but if the weather reports are true, we should be up to 33 degrees by 3 PM this afternoon! 
The snow birds are fleeing to Florida only to find it is very cold there.  Donna Swope said that Paul has not been able to play golf in their home town of Longwood, FL for the last two weeks because of the cold snap in Florida.  Donna said Monday there were icicles up to six inches long outside, making it look very beautiful.  She dug out her winter coat and gloves (which she almost never uses), and decided since it was 28 degrees outside, she had better heat up the car before she picked up the ladies for their circle meeting.  She couldn't believe that Paul reminded her to open the garage door before heating up the car!
Since the weather was so iffy, the Columbus group decided to have their lunch bunch meeting at the Worthington Inn.  We have had snow almost every day since December 27, and it has not been above freezing since then.  We had more snow flurries Monday evening lasting into Tuesday morning.
Barb Williamson, Jane Caldwell, Cornelia Ferguson and myself had a relaxing three hour gab fest.  Joann Patterson was unable to attend since she had to work.  We gave birthday cards to Barb, whom we believe to be the youngest member of our class.  She turns 72 on January 28.  It is believed that Sondra Philip is the second youngest.  Is there anyone else out there younger?  If there is, whisper it to us, as Barb does not want to lose her youngest member of the class status! 
Jane and Bob Caldwell leave for Florida tomorrow if Bob's cold is better.  They will be stopping along the way to have dinner with Gloria and Norman Poynter in Chattanooga, TN.
Snowbirds Jim and Pat Burkhart will be leaving for Florida soon for their two month stay.
Martha Pettry will be having lunch in Granville today with three friends.  They all have birthdays in December, and always get together for their birthday lunch.
Tom and Mary Ellen Hale have been cross country skiing for two hours every day in the Michigan snow!  Keep it up Tom, and Mary Ellen!
Since you are reading the LB notes, click on "News."  Then click on "What's New on the Website."  Tom Hale has put twenty-five new items on the Web site since 1/1/09 to 12/31/09.  Check out Tom and Mary Ellen's new family picture along with the other new items.  Look at Jane having dinner at Fritzie's.  Makes you want to get busy grilling a steak as it looks so yummy.  I think it is very interesting looking at the news broken down on the WEB site as science news, national news, and entertainment.  Tom has done a fantastic job providing us with this WEB site and helping us keep in touch.  Thanks again, Tom.
Remember that the 55th class reunion is at the Zanesville Country Club on September 10 and 11, ending on the 12th.  Some of us who live out of town have already made reservations at the Hampton Inn.  I'm sure that the committee will be contacting all of us soon about other places to stay.
I haven't been able to talk with anyone who went to the LB meeting in Zanesville, but I hope they had a fantastic time.
Remember that youth is a work of nature, but age is a work of art!  Congratulations to all of you on your second childhood. 
See you next month at the Golden Corral on February 9 at 11:30 AM.
Martha K. Cannon
This is a brief note regarding the lunch in Zanesville last Tuesday, since I was unable to make it.
I received a phone call from Gwen this evening stating that she was at the lunch last Tuesday.  She has been busy trying to move into the smaller home on her property, and has had some complications with the well.  Her son will be moving into the large home with his family that she is moving out of.  Gwen says she has a lot of her furniture already moved into the home that she remodeled, and hopes she will be living there permanently by the next lunch bunch.  We wish her well with her move.
Gwen stated that there were about 15 at the Golden Corral.
Bill Factor was there for about 20 minutes since he was on call for the day, but he did get called away and had to leave.
Lois Havens has gone to Hawaii with four of her friends.
Jim and Pat Burkhart are leaving this coming Friday for Florida and will be staying at the Villages. 
Gwen says that she has never been to Florida in her life, and her son's mother-in-law moved to the  Villages last year.  She has been trying to get Gwen to come down for a visit.  So Gwen will be flying to Florida with Maryanna Fenton to the Villages in February for a much needed vacation.
Gwen said she would be at the lunch next month.   
Martha K. Cannon