Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night, will keep us from our appointed task.  On this cold, snowy, blustery day we had ten classmates at the Golden Corral for fellowship and food to lift those winter blues.
It was nice to see one out of state classmate today, Gloria Warner Poynter.  She drove the nine hours from her home in Tennessee to visit with her 91 year old Uncle and her brother.  Gloria and Jane Caldwell both went after the lunch to visit with Carolyn Balog Waite who has recently had spinal surgery.  We are wishing Carolyn well, and hear that she is improving.
Shirley shared with us some letters she has received.  One was from Peg Holland Vanrensburg saying that they have their summer home and winter home.  Presently they are in Prescott, AZ.  It is wonderful to hear from our classmates.
Shirley also received a letter and pictures from Margie Phillips Lemaster.  Margie is in good health, and her husband Bill is having a little more difficulty with his rheumatoid arthritis.  Shirley is sending the letters and pictures on to Tom Hale to see if they could be put on our WEB site.  Another note was from Donis Toler's sister with a tribute to Donis.  It will be forwarded to Tom also.
Jim and Pat Burkhart shared with us that they are leaving for the Villages in Florida next week to stay the rest of the winter.  We hope they have a fabulous time, and will see them again at the April lunch.
I gave my sincere apology to Shirley Schramm Stradler for mistakenly putting in the December notes that she would not be attending because her husband passed away.  Her husband is ill and she could not attend because she was caring for him.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Shirley and her husband.  Shirley read to us an article on Breaking Barriers and Mingling.
Barbara Baughman Williamson gave Shirley Smith a book of poems that her Uncle Ralph Baughman has written.  Shirley read to us a wonderful poem that Ralph wrote about his wife.  We all enjoyed hearing it.
Shirley led us with the blessing.
I would like to share with you that Carolyn Lanning sent me an E-mail saying that their Christmas present was a trip to Disney World in Florida.  It was a family reunion for her Nelson's (Sonny) side of the family.  Sonny and his nephews played golf and had a wonderful time.  They returned home on December 16, and Sonny had shoulder surgery on December 17.  Forty minutes after the surgery he had a heart attack.  He was lucky he was there, because they rushed him to the cardiac lab and found that he had two 100% blockages in the right ventricle of the heart.  He had balloon angioplasty for the one blockage, and the other one will rebuild around it.  Saturday morning he had a temperature and was found to have pneumonia.  The family and friends were all so worried about him, but their prayers were answered, and he was released on December 23.  He is getting PT on his shoulder now.  So Carolyn said they did have a wonderful Christmas with Gods blessings, and to treasure life.
I hope to see all of you next month on Tuesday, February  10 at the Golden Corral.
Martha K. Cannon