Lunch Bunch February 9, 2016

I believe we are jinxed on the second Tuesday this winter!  Once again the Zanesville City Schools were closed due to snow.

So Martin shoveled our snow, and then we went to Sunny Street Cafe with some friends for breakfast.  After, we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Then we went grocery shopping.  And the roads were all clear.  I have a feeling some of our classmates had their very own lunch again in Zanesville.

Last month Ruthann Coulson went to the lunch regardless!  There were seven other classmates there also.  The names of these classmates are a mystery to me.  I was planning on finding out who they are today.

Bill Rushay had a kidney removed and did very well.  There was cancer in the kidney, so we are very thankful it was found and removed.  He was planning on being at the January lunch bunch, but it was cancelled, as well as today.  Maybe he and Marlene were two of the seven mystery classmates that met last month!!!

Please remember your sweetheart
 Sunday for Valentines Day or you might be in trouble!

Carl Factor e-mailed Tom Hale, Donna Swope, Barbara Williamson and myself about the very nice article in the Times Recorder about Katsampes!  Yes, before Tom's Ice Cream, there was Katsampes.  We were all craving candy and ice cream!  That was great candy for Valentines Day.

I certainly will see all of you next month on
 March 8 at the Golden Corral.  That is, unless the Zanesville City Schools are closed due to inclement weather!

Martha K. Cannon