Lunch Bunch, December 13, 2016

Imagine peace over the entire world!  Peaceful as the newly fallen snow!  My hope is for peace, justice, and equality for all mankind!

Today, on the drive to Zanesville and back home to Westerville, it was like a winter wonderland!  We both were in awe of the beauty, and thought probably Tom and Mary Ellen Hale were both cross country skiing and seeing this beautiful scene.

We had 37 classmates and friends at our Christmas Lunch on this very cold, wintry, and snowy day.  We saw four accidents on our way to Zanesville, and the westbound lanes of route 70 were closed due to a semi jackknifing.  

Everyone brought non-perishable food items or money for the Mount Sterling Food Pantry.  Kinsey Tanner took his wife, Marty, for chemo today. But he got James, from the Food Pantry, to come and pick up the food and money donated.  Chuck Pettry helped James carry all food items out. Thanks to all of you.

Thanks to Sonnie Philip for making the arrangements for today, and for collecting the money.  She is a gem.

Bill Factor very kindly gave the blessing today.  Thank you, Bill.

The meal of baked steak, chicken, green beans, scalloped potatoes, rolls, and tossed salad was delicious.  Chuck Pettry, as always, brought a delicious sheet cake of both white and chocolate cake for dessert.  Thank you, Chuck.

Prayer needs:  Marty Tanner is back on chemo again for her ovarian cancer.  Kinsey says they go every two weeks now, and that is where they are today.  He said the counts are coming down a little!  We know what a fighter Marty is!  We are all rooting for her cancer to disappear and for her counts to get lower and lower.

Also, Carl Factor had total knee replacement last Tuesday of BOTH knees!  His daughter, Julia Factor Kearney, says he is doing well, and started rehab last Friday. We are wishing him a very speedy recovery!  We know you can do it, Carl!

We were sorry to learn that Francis W. Stewart has passed away as well as Kay Minnich McConnell.  Our condolences are sent to both families.  It is so sad to lose classmates and friends.

Doug and Mary Jane Palmer have been working a long time to get our cheerleaders inducted into the ZHS Hall of Fame beside our Basketball team.  Doug talked with every one of our cheerleaders, except for Irene Politis, and Nancy Shook.  He got a brief statement from each of them.  They are Linda Williams Warne, Irene Politis, Winifred Rogers, Nancy Shook deceased, Bonnie Brown, Sherry McCloy, and Kay Nicklaus.  Their package of work has been delivered, so now we wait and see what they decide.  Thank you Doug and Mary Jane.  Doug said he would let us know when the meeting is in May.

We had lots of fun singing Christmas Carols led by Linda Warne and Cornelia Ferguson with Barbara Gossip Harris playing the piano.  Linda led a discussion about our old Lash High School and the memories we have of being their for three years.  It keeps getting better and better being with our classmates, who are such good friends.  We had plenty of time chatting and catching up with everyone.  The last of us left around 2 PM.

And now that we have had our 2016 Christmas Party, let it snow!  But remember if it snows and the Zanesville City Schools are closed, we will not have Lunch Bunch.  I am hoping that this Christmas finds you surrounded by those you love, and those who love you.  Have a peaceful and blessed Christmas and a very happy New Year!  I hope to see you at the Golden Corral at 11:30 on January 10, 2017.

Martha K. Cannon