Lunch Bunch Dec. 11, 2007
Tis the season to be merry, and we all had a great time at Bryan Place for our Christmas lunch.  Thanks was given to Maryanna Fenton for making the arrangements.  She is truly a great help to our class. 
We had forty present today, with seven who had made reservations and did not make it.  It was nice to see Jane Adamson Lewellen back again.  This was the first Christmas lunch for Bob Ross, Glenn McCutcheon, Sonie Philip's husband Robert, and Roger and Carol McGlade.  Bob Caldwell came with Jane today, so this was his second Christmas lunch.  We hope to see them all back for our lunches.  It was nice to see Joann Cooper Patterson with her almost 90 year old mother again.
Sis and Dave Roberts sent their regrets as they had a day trip already planned for the theater.  Also Lois Marveen Havens, Wayne McMillan, Martha Pettry, Barbara Williamson, and Shirley Stadler sent their regrets.  Kay King Lechner wanted to share a recipe with the lunch bunch called Low Country Shrimp Boil, and we all received a copy of that.  Thanks, Kay.
Shirley Smith presented the beautiful story of Jesus to us, and ended with the blessing.
The meal of baked steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, tossed salad, pasta salad, and many different kinds of dessert were enjoyed by all.
We sang Christmas carols led by Cornelia with her husband Bill Ferguson, Don Fulkerson, and Gwen Curry playing their musical instruments.  If I must say so myself, we sounded pretty good.
And to our utter surprise, who should arrive but Santa Waite with his belly so round and his jolly Ho, Ho.  He had two elves named Sonie, and Gerald who helped hand out gifts to all.  We must have been very good this year!
The best true story was told by Shirley Smith about coming home one evening and a robber had broken into her house.  The lamps were over turned bending the lamp shades, items knocked off of her end tables onto the floor, and she was really mad when she saw her beautiful white sofa with dirty buttock imprints on it.  She went into the kitchen and the robber was in the kitchen!  She screamed at him to get his dirty butt out of her sink.  The raccoon just sat there with his beady eyes staring at her.  She called four or five agencies to come and get the raccoon out of the house, and they all said they just removed dogs and not wild animals!  She went out and got a trap, but two days later he disappeared out of her home.  It turns out he had got on her deck, climbed the side of the house to the roof, and came in down the chimney, and she believes that is how he got out.  So be thankful this Christmas that you don't have a raccoon living in your house.
And remember that character is doing the right thing when no one is looking. 
It is chance that makes brothers, but hearts that make friends (and we have been true friends a long time).  Have a wonderful holiday season and a very happy new year!
Martha K. Cannon