Lunch Bunch December 12, 2006

Photos by Shirley Holdren Smith

The December lunch bunch met at Bryans on the 12th.  There were around 42 people present.  First time attendees were John Power and his wife, Sue Squire Richardson's husband, Jerry, Jane Caldwell’s husband, Bob, Kinsey Tanner's wife, Marty and Dwight Long.  Dwight has had medical problems and we were all glad he was able to be with us.  We were pleased to see Janet Adamson Lewellen and Janet Flowers Stapleton who hadn’t attended since the last Christmas lunch.


We had a delicious buffet lunch.  After lunch we sang Christmas carols accompanied by Cornelia on the piano and her husband, Bill, on the trumpet.  I’m sure it was beautiful though we did not have a tape recorder to check on that.


Bill Ferguson plays at the 94th Aero Squadron restaurant in Columbus every Thursday night and Shirley Smith proposed that we go hear the Big Band sometime in January.


Dick Waite was unable to attend but Santa Claus arrived and gave each of us a present.  There was lots of variety and everyone had a great time.


Our sympathy goes out to Gwen Curry for the death of her sister, Dale.  We also signed a card for Glenn  McCutcheon whose wife passed away.  We sent a get well card to Donna Fulton who had emergency surgery.  Hope she is feeling much better now.


Hope to see many of you at the January lunch at the Golden Coral on the 9th at 11:30.


Jane Caldwell