On this beautiful, sunny day in August, we had twenty classmates sharing stories.
We reminisced about the loss of our classmate, Shirley Holdren Smith.  Shirley and Gwen Moore Curry started the lunch bunch group several years ago, and it has been a great time for our classmates to come together and share their lives with one another.  Shirley fought a long battle with cancer, and passed away sleeping peacefully at home.  She was a mother, wife, educator, spiritual leader, and friend to all of us.  Tom Hale has said several times that he called her "wonder woman" because of her strong belief in God, her curious nature in finding a cure, and her many miraculous healing's.  She will be missed.
Gwen discussed with us the single rose that Shirley always had at the funerals for our classmates who passed away in Zanesville, and wondered if we should continue as it would be easy to miss someone.  Gwen bought and placed the rose at Shirley's funeral at William Thompson's Funeral Home in White Cottage as was always Shirley's custom.  Our classmate and friend, Bill Thompson and his son, were in charge of the funeral.  It was brought up by several people that Sally Weitzel Larson has passed away, and we were sad to learn this.  It doesn't get any easier losing a friend and classmate.
Gwen Curry recommended that Gerald Roberts, and Kinsey Tanner get a committee together to head up our 55th class reunion.  Gerald is going to call Bryan Place and see what commitment Shirley has made to have the class reunion there.  Several people commented they were worried about having enough parking spaces, and about Bryan Place being big enough to accommodate our large group.  Gerald is also going to ask Bryan Place if Shirley made reservations for our Christmas Party on the second Tuesday in December.
Other places to think about having our reunion would be the VFW or the Country Club.  Sonie Hickman Philip said the VFW has plenty of parking, and the hall rental is $175.  There would be a large enough area to accommodate all of us and Sonie is checking to see if we could have brunch on Sunday morning as is our custom.  Pat Burkhart and Maryanna Fenton reported earlier that the country club has a huge new room built on for big events and they had their class reunion there.  They had a three day option for their reunion, meeting on Friday evening, playing golf at the Country Club on Saturday with their main event on Saturday evening at the Country Club.  Sunday they went to Bryan Place for brunch.  Everyone will be getting their own motel reservations.  These are options for our class to think about if Bryan Place does not have the parking or a large enough area to accommodate us.
Jean Beale Ross stated that our class has $4800 left in our treasury.  Gwen stated that she has good records from the past reunions, as does Jean, and Gwen will still be sending out the mailings for the reunion.
Kinsey Tanner said that Henry Lee, our class President, usually calls Bill Factor about the reunion in the fall and Bill would get the ball rolling.  So Kinsey is going to call Henry and have him give Bill Factor a call.  We hope that Bill will reconsider helping on the committee also. 
If there is anyone interested in helping on the reunion committee, please call Kinsey Tanner at 740-453-5558, and let him know.
Kinsey and Gerald said they would have a date for the first committee meeting at the next lunch bunch in September.
Dave Roberts recommended we use Tom Hale and the Web site, , for any announcements.
Sandy Tuttle brought her husband, Dave, to the lunch today.  Anita Ropeter Coffey drove from McConnelsville, OH for the lunch today.  Lois Havens also made it to the lunch, and is so busy it made us tired just listening to all the things she is doing.  It was wonderful to joke, and chat with everyone today.
Summer in Ohio has been beautiful and cooler this year.  We have the best class of all, and I hope to see all of you next month on Tuesday, September 8 at the Golden Corral at 11:30 AM.  No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.  Life isn't tied with a bow, but it's still a gift.
Martha K. Cannon