April showers Do spring May flowers.  The roofs all glistened with the rain pouring on them, and the smell of Spring was in the air today as we drove through the rain.  We had a small group of 15 today, and were happy to see that Pat and Jim Burkhart had returned from their nine week stay in Florida.  Jim said he got out twenty-five times and played golf while in Florida!  It was nice also to see Glenn McCutcheon today as well as Donna Smith Iden's husband, Mike.  Carolyn Lanning said to say "hello" to everyone as she was busy and unable to make it today.  Cornelia called to let Shirley know they were unable to make it as Bill threw his back out. 
Shirley brought two cards made by Martha Pettry.  One will be sent to Shelby Hina Snelling as she had shoulder surgery.
The other was a sympathy card for Fritzie Levison Urquhart in the death of her mother.  Fritzie brought her mom to the lunches with her several times, and we all enjoyed talking with her.  Her mom was 97 years old and lived a very full life.  She retired from the retail store she owned in Coshocton when she was ninety years old.  Shirley took a rose to the funeral home, and Jane was able to visit with Fritzie on Saturday.  Our sympathy goes out to Fritzie and her family in their loss.
Shirley Smith shared with us that six weeks ago when she had pain, her daughter gave her an aspirin and her heart doctor told her that had prevented her from having a heart attack.  Shirley also says she has no heart damage.  Since then she knows of two other incidents.  In one incident her friend was given an aspirin and it prevented her from having a heart attack or a stroke.  But Denny Hale was not given an aspirin, and even though they worked on him at the hospital for an hour they could not resuscitate him.  So keep your aspirin close by just in case you need it.
Those classmates we need to remember are:  Bill Ferguson, Gwen Curry's husband Paul, Nancy Gildersleeve, Shirley Schramm Stadler's husband Walt, Linda Achauer Steer's husband Roland, Stanley Slack's wife Wanda, Nancy Cohen Fawcett's husband Harold, and Shirley Smith.  We bring a wish of good health and happiness to all of you.
After our lunch we had a brief meeting regarding our 2010 class reunion.  Shirley will try to confirm a date with Bryan Place for a weekend in September after the 10th of the month and will try to get prices confirmed.  Jean Ross reported we had 208 people for our 50th class reunion, and around 155 for the 45th reunion.  Bryan Place will have no problem accommodating us.  Shirley said she would also make reservations for the second Tuesday in December for our Christmas party.
I hope to see all of you next month on Tuesday, May 12, at the Golden Corral.  We are hoping that Carl and Becky Factor, and Tom and Mary Ellen Hale will be able to join us in May.
We enjoyed our drive home.  "Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world." - Virgil A. Kraft
Martha Kay Cannon