It was no surprise that Bob Ross played golf today.  It was 75 degrees, sunny, and beautiful.  Jean arrived at the Golden Corral without Bob, and we were wondering why she did not put the top down on her convertible today.  There were twenty-three of our classmates attending the lunch.
We were happy when Shirley announced that her daughter's pathology report came back negative.  Shirley has not been given a date yet for when she will be going back to Zion for further treatment on her metastatic cancer, but it should be soon.  She will let someone in the class know when she goes.
Shirley passed a belated card around with our signatures for David Roberts letting him know we had been thinking of him when he had his defibrillator surgery last month.  He is doing great.
A collection was also taken up for continuing our tradition of sending cards for the sick, and flowers for the funerals of our classmates.
Nancy Cohen Fawcett asked that we pray for Bryan Cohen.  He had a skate board accident and is now on life support.
Shirley brought some hard back books with her that she bought at the Dollar Tree on Maple Ave for $1.00.  Most are valued at $17 or more.  Two that she recommended highly were The Seven Secrets by John Hagee, and Perfecting Your Purpose by David D. Ireland, Ph. D.  The Dollar Stores are fantastic places to get good deals on all kinds of items.
Lois Havens announced that Judy Gormley's sister has given her all of Judy's ZHS pictures, class reunion books, Comus, and newspaper clippings.  Included in the newspaper clippings was a picture of Sharon Lee Gooden Calihan who passed away from an accident when she was way too young.  Judy's belongings started us reminiscing about the "good old times."
We reminisced even more when Shirley showed us an article from the newspaper about the Blue Knights regarding the legacy of big bands which was started by Millard Biggs in 1955.  Remember Mr. Biggs?  He was our teacher for brass choir, string choir, orchestra, band, woodwind chimes and harmony. 
Remember the exciting times at Buckeye Lake at the Crystal Ballroom and the Pier Ballroom that hosted big name orchestras and entertainers such as Guy Lombardo, Artie Shaw, Glen Miller, Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and the Dorsey Brothers?  Those were the good days!
Shirley led us in the blessing. 
Then the reminiscing really started. 
We hope to see all of you at the Golden Corral next month on Tuesday, May 13.
And remember, unless you can question your own beliefs, you have no place questioning the beliefs of others.
Martha K. Cannon