SPRING!  Where are ya?  We are ready.  Regardless of this being the coldest April in the last 113 years, we had approximately thirty-four of our classmates at the Golden Coral for lunch at 11:30. 
Shirley Holdren Smith led us in the blessing and reminded us about the hazard of stress in our lives.  See her guidelines below.
We welcomed two classmates that are first timers.  Margie Robinson McNairy arrived after having dropped off her two grandchildren she is caring for at her sister's home.  The grandchildren are eight and a half months, and three years old!  Fortunately for Margie, she is agile and can keep up with them.  Her daughter is in Paris and also made a stop in Belgium.   
Glenn McCutcheon is also a first timer.  Our sympathy goes out to Glenn as his wife, Phyllis Sands McCutcheon, passed away in December.  When I asked him why I didn't know him in High School, he replied that he went to Vocational School and didn't know a lot of his classmates.  But now he can get to know a small group of us each month at the Golden Corral.  Welcome to both Glenn and Margie.  We hope to see them both each month.
We signed a get well card for Harold Fawcett, husband of Nancy Cohen Fawcett.  He has recently had one kidney removed, and is now having problems with the other kidney.  We will continue to keep them both in our prayers.
Shirley announced that we will try to go to the 94th Aero Squadron sometime in May.  Bill, Cornelia Bridges Ferguson's husband, plays his trumpet with a group there every Thursday evening.  When I hear a date I will send an addendum to Tom Hale for these notes to inform everyone, so keep checking the notes for a date.
Several of our classmates stayed late and chatted about old times and what is happening in their lives presently.
We hope to see all of you next month on May 8 at the Golden Coral at 11:30 AM. 
Martha K. Roberts Cannon
Stress is a warning signal that we need to change something in our lives.  Stress causes sustained adrenaline, which dumps sugar into our blood stream which leads to many health problems.
Causes of stress include anger, fear, worry, unforgiveness, unhealthy relationships all of which release adrenaline and cortisol, which causes high blood pressure, greater absorption of sodium, blood clotting, muscle wasting, and fat around the stomach.  Stress also causes irritable bowel syndrome, chronic back pain, and weakens the immune system which can lead to cancer, etc.
We turn to comfort food (sugar) when stressed which actually feeds the 2000 cancer cells our body produces every day.  A healthy immune system kills these cells before they can reproduce.  But stress destroys our immune system -- sugar depresses our natural killer cells for 5-6 hours.
Gods solution: Walk in love and forgiveness.  Walk in His word (Thy Word is health and healing to my flesh).  Laugh a lot (A merry heart doeth good like medicine).  (In Him there is fullness of joy), (He came that our joy may be full), (Give your burdens to the Lord and give thanks in all things).  Remember this is the day the Lord has made.  Rejoice and be glad in it, and that an attitude of gratitude reduces stress.
Even medical research proves all of the above as our bodies then release endorphins and enkephalins which hastens wellness and healing in our bodies.
Shirley Holdren Smith