Photos by Sandra Geyer Miller

The rain was pounding on the windshield.  Visibility was very bad.  I asked my husband if he saw a truck in front of us.  He said, "I think I do."  "I think I see a stack sticking up from a truck."  That answer didn't make me feel too comfortable.  He was the driver.  As we got up to the tail of the truck, we realized the color was off white, the same color as the fog, and no tail lights.  No wonder we couldn't see it!  We decided we would not have many classmates today in a storm like this.  But yet when we arrived there was Jim and Pat Burkhart.  Jim had a huge umbrella in his hand!  And we had twenty-four brave classmates today for our lunch at the Golden Corral on Tuesday, September 12, 2006 at 11:30.
We were excited to see three out of state classmates!  Sandy Geyer Miller came from Altadina, CA; Gloria Warner Poynter drove from Chattanooga, TN; and Nancy Carter Gildersleeve drove from Frederick, MD.  Welcome back!  We hope they all return many more times to join us on the second Tuesday of every month. 
Joann Cooper Patterson was a first timer at our lunch bunch!  It was great seeing her and we hope she keeps coming back.  Several of us enjoyed a wine tasting party at her home a couple of months ago (Cornelia, Jane, Barbara and myself.  Way to go Joann!  Cornelia gave cupcakes to Joann with one candle on it for her birthday which was September 11, and another cupcake for Sonny Hickman Philip's sister-in-law's birthday.  I'm sorry I didn't get to meet her and I don't know her name.  Happy belated birthday greetings to both!
Sandy Geyer very graciously led us in our blessing.
We learned that Shirley Holdren Smith continues to do well at the Cancer Center of America in Zion, IL. She is receiving radiation treatment five days a week and is off on the weekends.  She came home one weekend for her nephew's wedding and had a wonderful time with her family and friends.  The radiation is working, and she believes she will be home on September 15.  We are eager to see her at the October lunch.  Way to go Shirley!  We have a lot of spirit filled classmates with wonderful positive attitudes.
Shirley is still planning on going on the Eastern Seaboard cruise along with David and Dolores (Sis) Roberts on September 29.  There may be more of our classmates going, but that is all that I am aware of.  We are hoping they have a wonderful cruise.
It was a nice surprise to see Judy Gormley Matchett.  The mass that was surgically removed was cancer, but Judy is not certain if she has to have chemotherapy.  She said if she does have chemo, it will not be a lot.  Hang in there, Judy.  We are cheering for you. 
Many of you were asking about Donna Frame Swope.  She is working with a different PT group and is making much better progress with this group since her kneecap surgery.  Keep up the good work, Donna.  We have a lot of tough classmates fighting health problems and toughing it out.  We wish them all well.
Sonny Hickman Philip's husband, Robert, was back in the hospital with pneumonia, but arrived back home last Sunday.  Stay well, Bob!
We will continue to remember all these people in our prayers including Shirley, Donna, Barbara Campbell Williams, Jenilee Swope Roberts, Robert Philip, and Judy Gormley Matchett.
Maryanna Fenton and Sonny Hickman Philip have reserved Bryan's Place for our Christmas party on the second Tuesday of December.  That is where we had it last year.  It was very festive and fun.  Dick Waite was Santa Claus and had a present for all of us.
We hope to see all of our first timers and out of state classmates back again.  We will meet again on October 10, the second Tuesday at 11:30 AM at the Golden Corral.
Martha K. Roberts Cannon